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 I received a beautiful gift of laces from my crazy quilt friend Wilma.  All the way from the Netherlands.  I met Wilma at the CQI Retreat last month and she saw me stitching on my new crazy quilt project.  These will go perfectly with my project.     
AND a bonus image on fabric.  I've seen this image before and adore it.  Am not sure at this point where I'll use this but I will definitely be using it.  You can see what Wilma is up to on her blog at
She also sells her laces on her Etsy at



Not long ago Janet contacted me and asked if I would be interested in some silk thread.  Her aunt collected antique dolls and made clothing for them.  She evidently had a large supply of threads and laces some of which Janet had inherited.  These arrived late last week. 
Thank you for thinking of me Janet.  I will think of both you and your aunt as I stitch with them.  
Buttonhole twist silk - gorgeous!  AND don't you love the spools.....



I received a phone call last week from a local quilting friend.  A shelf had fallen in her studio (can you relate?) which resulted in cleaning out her studio and purging some of her collection.   
  As she is not a crazy quilter, she thought of me with the above goodies.  I could not believe the size of the bag when I picked it up!  
AND once I started sorting
 OMG there are velvets, lace motifs, some silks and absolutely gorgeous laces.  Many of the laces are for use in lingerie.  I can see why Laura held on to them for so long.  The collection is exquisite.   
  Coincidentally I am planning a large project for next year and want to work in a dark dusty palette.  These are very welcome additions.  I'll be dyeing some items but many will be used as is.  This will make my project very special indeed.
Thank you so much for thinking of me Laura!



 I've returned from my annual summer blog vacation!  I've had a very busy summer indeed - a little bit of creativity and a lot of vacation.  But, all good things must come to an end so I'm back in the studio as of this week.  Lots of inspiration especially over the last couple of weeks.  

Over the summer, I opened the door to find a couple of bags of goodies had been dropped off.  Now I know many of you will appreciate these, as do I.  I plan to start playing with them soon.  It is lovely to have friends that think of you and SHARE goodies.  Thank you Patricia and Maria.  
I have much to share with you but need to get my photos uploaded and organized.  I'll be by to catch up with my blog visits too!  More on Wednesday.....



Several weeks ago one of my lovely blog followers e-mailed me that she would send me some of her collection of green fabrics as she has been following the progression of the CQJP.  Talk about a surprise.  Well my parcel arrived last week.  Look what was inside... 
A gorgeous collection of GREENS!  Some laces, satins, velvets, embroidered sheers.  And a beautiful dyed butterfly and lace piece in the perfect colours!  All of these lovelies came courtesy of Nicki Lee.  Nicki Lee sells the hand dyed laces in her etsy shop, Raviolee Dreams so why don't you give her a visit. 
Thank you Nicki Lee, so thoughful!



More of the softest olive green lace and a stamped page for writing.  On the right is a page layered with various fabrics, a doily, laces, embroidered chiffon and a keyhole with key attached.  Makes me think of a gate opening to a secret garden!

And the final pages!  On the left is another page for writing, stamped and outlined with machine stitching.  On the right is another painting (beautiful) edged with chiffon and more embroidered fabric. 
How best do I describe this treasure?  It surprises me when I pick it up that it is so light.  She has set a romantic, vintage mood by using soft airy fabrics and softened images.  The entire journal has an ethereal quality.  Thank you Suzy - I will treasure it and think of you as I leaf through the pages.  I anticipate the pages will be well worn as time passes....
So perhaps you just may want one for yourself!!!
Something new on Monday.



Turning the page we come to a journal page with a lovely floral motif on the left side.  This is backed by a soft olive green lace (to die for!).  The page on the right is built up with layers of soft fabrics, a tea stained doily, lace, needle felting and embroidered edging.  Don't you love the flower charm in the upper right corner.  In the center of the lace motif is a small button or charm inlaid with tiny flowers - beautiful!
Another beautiful image bordered with lace and layered fabrics complete the background.  On the right is a journal page with bird stamp (totally me!).
Another image with a background of layered laces, velvet, chiffon and some needlefelting.  On the left is a journal page edged with brown and stamped for further vintage appeal.



When I contacted Suzy about making me a journal, I requested a garden theme and I specifically wanted her to use some of her pre-raphaelite images which I adore.  The front cover has a lovely cheesecloth flower with a beaded center.  Suzy has used a lovely soft pale pink chiffon which may have been tea stained as it has a very vintage look.  The back has a printed chiffon with bits of a doily and lace.  The wrap is made with a embroidered velvet (beautiful).  The orange/brown fabric is appearing far more orange in the photo than it actually is.  It is more brown giving a very vintage feel to the entire journal.
Now I've come to the first and second pages.  The first page has a lovely embroidered fabric with more printed chiffon covering a beautiful painted image.  The image is so soft.  On the right is the second page with another image back with layers a variety of layes and more chiffon.  Such a light and airy feel. 
The third page leaves room for journalling if I choose.  Suzy has done some needlefelting on the right page using rovings, fabrics and laces.  It is further enhanced by a tea stained lace motif and buttons.  It does appear as if one were looking through a window to the garden beyond - I believe just what she had in mind!



Over the last three years of blogging, I have developed friendships with many talented artists.  I must admit, I do look forward to the mail and especially when there is a large BULKY envelope - puts a smile on my face because I just know there will be amazing goodies inside.  So last Thursday this arrived from Australia!
What was inside, a lovely parcel all wrapped up with a string of lace and a vintage tag - be still my beating heart!!! 
When I unwrapped the lace, all sorts of lovely fabrics emerged, damasks, florals, printed, laces.  Can you guess what was inside?  OR who sent it?
This is my new "Gardens Ever Changing" journal that I had custom made by the incredibly talented textile artist (that is YOU girlfriend), Suzy of Suzy Qu's Threadworks.  I thought you might like to come along on my journey of discovery this week to see what Suzy created for me through my photos.  I look forward to sharing this exquisite journal with you.  



In March I offered a variety of giveaways and Peggy received one of my goodies.  I was both surprised and delighted to receive an ATC from her recently as a thank you.  Really lovely.  Thank you Peggy!

The thrift finds have been minimal of late until last week when I came across this lovely little change purse.  It is inspiring a fabric collage of some kind....


Birthday gifts!

Today I'm delighted to share some very special birthday gifts from my friend Judy all the way from Australia!  She has been very busy making tags of late and I am now the lucky recipient!!
AND the above postcard - gorgeous!
AND this scissor holder with one of Judy's gorgeous painted faces.  I added my scissors so they would show up but the pair I use most frequently has orange handles!! 
I know, I couldn't believe there was more but there was!
Thank you Judy - you really have spoiled me!
Judy makes so many beautiful treasures to stop by for a visit to her blog.


Got Needles!

While I was visiting Karen, she gifted me with this.  I completed the sections and stitching when I got home and put it all together.   
It is a version of a pin cushion that holds various needles - she calls it "Got Needles".  She teaches this as a class in southern California at Piecemaker's. 
It holds all the needles I use day to day - a great addition to my studio.
Thank you Karen!
Enjoy your weekend.



Yesterday started off VERY WELL with a bottle of this!
And then a box of Purdy's snowballs - delicious....

And some of these to round it off - quite a treat at this time of the year.
I think you may have guessed I celebrated my birthday yesterday with some decadent treats.
Today, I need to hit the gym......


Gifts and Challenges

During my vacation in November, I got a note from Sharon of Livewire Jewelry to tell me I had won the lovely bracelet she had offered as a blog giveaway. 
It arrived late last week so I thought you may like to share in my excitement.
What a lovely bracelet and beautiful sentiment.
AND look at that lovely embroidered fabric - this is sure to show up in one of my future CQ projects.
 Sharon has recently been selected as a designer for Nunn Designs so check out her blog to see ALL her lovelies.
Thanks so much Sharon for this lovely and special gift. 
2012 is shaping up to be a year of learning! 
Flora Bowley is offering her first online class commencing February 6, 2012.  Many of you may not know but I used to paint, in fact I painted for about twelve years then got involved in textiles.  I admire Flora's free style so anticipate this workshop will be quite inspiring and no doubt a challenge.....
Sharon Boggon (Pintangle) is once again doing the TAST challenge commencing January 3, 2012.  The idea is to experiment with stitches so I'm going to be EXPERIMENTING! 
I also decided to register for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project
Haven't quite decided what I'll be making but lots of ideas running through my head. 
Have a feeling I will be quite busy - want to join me!? 
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