Lorraine Stobie - Textile Artist

I live on the west coast of Canada in a small community outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

After many years in various business ventures followed by early retirement, I now have the freedom to pursue my lifelong creative interests.

My creative interests are varied.  For many years I was involved in decorative painting.  I eventually ventured into quilting including surface design which provided an outlet for my love of painting with textiles.  This progressed into fabric collage, digital collage and various forms of mixed media.  I have an interest in paper arts with a focus on hand made books and cards.  More recently I have developed an interest in hand embroidery techniques and in specific crazy quilting.  I am currently experimenting with combining stitching with paper arts.  

I have taught decorative painting, quilting/textile art, fabric collage, various mixed media techniques and paper arts including books and cards.  

I continue to dye and paint both fabric and paper but my focus today is dyeing my own threads for my stitching ventures.  You can see my threads in my Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  Your comments and/or queries are always welcome!


  1. Hi Lorraine,

    Very nice. I am so impressed with your endeavors & beautiful work! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I look forward to visiting here to see all the lovely work you create and to be inspired to keep working with needle, thread, laces, ribbons, etc. myself.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi, Beautiful work! Thank you for following my blog site, will watch for your updates. Have a lovely weekend, Kimberly

  4. Just found your Blog after ordering some threads today. Love you free spirit embroidery and color sense. BEAUTIFUL work!!

  5. I just found your BLOG after ordering some threads today. Your work is BEAUTIFUL. So happy I found your site! Thanks for sharing your work and beautiful colors in your embroidery! AMAZING!!


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