Several weeks ago I was searching on Etsy for silks, in specific dupioni.  I just happened upon 
Pink Birdhouse Vintage and found some of these packages.  What a fantastic selection!  This is a total of three packages.  There were solids.
and stripes
and even a few embroidered pieces - gorgeous!  Can hardly wait to sew up some blocks. 
Thanks Deborah
Thanks to all of you who left such lovely comments about my "dark dusty".  Appears as if my pink satin butterfly fabric is a big hit after all!



This is the first block of my dark dusty palette inspired by Judith Baker Montano.  
It proved challenging during the construction phase selecting fabrics that blended well.  
The butterfly embroidered satin in the center area is a bit light and had I to do it again I may have overlaid it with some lace or perhaps used another fabric.  As I start to sew the blocks together if it continues to "pop" then I'll have to correct it - will see
I am also using a new technique to create these blocks.  My preference is to stitch in a frame so I start with my block in a frame and stitch all the inner seam lines.  I then remove it from the frame and join it to a second block stitching the outer seams.  This allows me to blend the  seams where the blocks join.  
I worked on the second block last week and over the weekend which is nearing completion and joined the first two together.  As I progress, I'll have to let you know how I like this method of construction.
So here is my dark dusty block 1.  



This is one of the hand dyed laces I showed a week or so decorated up with some beads and additional stitching.  
The full block on Monday...



My new journey begins today.  
I recently spent a week in the studio constructing blocks.  I had only intended to spend a day or so but as usual I got a bit carried away.  Once the studio is a mess might as well just continue.  After I constructed twelve blocks in this colour scheme, I decided to challenge myself with a second completely different colour scheme (I will be working on this one later in the year).  
SO, this is a sneak peek at one of the seam treatments on my first "dark dusty" block.  



 Am back after a quick mini-vacation.  
I always enjoy it when friends share their finds so now and again I'll be sharing some of mine.
Thread Gatherer dyes beautiful threads and ribbons.  Cece puts together these wonderful little odds and ends bags which I have purchased previously.  They are a really mixed bag so you never know what is going to come.  
Here is how they look packaged up!  A great selection so am off to stitch.



I wasn't planning on it but I ended up in the dye studio again late last week and over the past weekend.  I needed to dye some laces and trims for two upcoming projects.  Of course, I ended up dyeing way more than anticipated.  Here are a selection of trims.  Not sure I'll be using them all but likely bits and pieces where they fit in.  
It must be obvious by now that I have an addiction to colour!



 Have I mentioned I have some very talented friends.  
I got together with some of these friends last week to play around with zentangles.  These are not my zentangles but a couple of my friends.  They evidently got the idea off of Pintangle and went from there. 
Can you believe how fantastic they are with the addition of buttons.  
I did do some zentangles but they did not photograph well so I'll have to work on them a bit more, perhaps darken them up a bit.  I think I may have been too light handed.  So, PRACTICE.....



It didn't take long to start using my fabric bits.  Am working on a new colour scheme, in fact two colour schemes - one familiar and one not so familiar.  Lots of blocks are under construction for some crazy quilting.  
I thought I'd take a quick photo so you would see my studio is not always neat and tidy!
I appreciate all of you who left comments about my fabric boxes.  I do get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from organizing "stuff".   
Enjoy your weekend.  I hope to get some stitching done. 
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