This is some of the stash now organized.  I have a few more to label.  I've already started using the "bits" and these really came in handy.  
Originally I had thought about getting a cabinet with drawers only and this may be in the future but for now these bins work well.  
I have restocked my Etsy just in case you would like some colour!



 This week I'm starting my posts about studio organization.  Some of you will remember the post I did about the mega gift of laces and fabric I received from one of my local quilting friends.  What a fantastic gift it was! I had been pondering the idea of how I would organize my growing stash of fabric "bits".  I do have a storage cabinet that contains much of the fabric I once used for quilting but most of this fabric is either fat quarters or yardage.  When we were in the city a couple of weeks back I made a quick stop at Michael's and found these. 
They are for scrap booking paper but I think they will work great for fabric scraps.  They are clear which means I can "see" the fabric and they were on sale.  Stay tuned for how they look now.



A very impromptu photo of the ferry ride home taken through the wind shield.  The weather has been cold and clear of late so a good photo op!  It has been lovely for daily walks etc.  
Enjoy your weekend.



Thanks to all of you who left such great comments about my icicle.  I should have mentioned that the store won first place for the best Christmas window.  Of course, we were all delighted to hear this.  I am busy in the studio this week with hopefully some photos to share next week.  In the interim, another digital creation.
  On top of the world - a good place to be!



 In the fall the quilt store where I teach on occasion put out a challenge to create icicles.  There were about twelve of us that participated and the results were fantastic.  The theme had many interpretations.  Here is the window display.
I decided to do something completely different and created a fiber icicle in whites and silvers.  I started with sticky stabilizer that would dissolve once washed.  This was layered with bits of wools, snipped fabric scraps, thread bits and cheesecloth.  I free motioned stitched over the entire piece which is about 8 feet in length.  I then added some glitter and angelina for a bit of bling.  
A close up to give you a better idea of the texture.  
It was a really fun challenge.



Happy New Year!
I am in the dye studio currently.  Be back to posting next week!
My Etsy is fairly well stocked with more to come.
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