Have I mentioned I have some very talented friends.  
I got together with some of these friends last week to play around with zentangles.  These are not my zentangles but a couple of my friends.  They evidently got the idea off of Pintangle and went from there. 
Can you believe how fantastic they are with the addition of buttons.  
I did do some zentangles but they did not photograph well so I'll have to work on them a bit more, perhaps darken them up a bit.  I think I may have been too light handed.  So, PRACTICE.....


  1. Ahah! The Zentangle bug has bitten.They are so relaxing.I'm making Zentangle owls, and they're great fun.I've a vieo on my blog-Suzanne McNeill.

  2. I really like these. A great idea.

  3. Lorraine, this is the second time I had to google something on your blog (fascinator). These designs are beautiful, have you checked out pinterest? They even use this for tattoos. Love this and will need to read more about it.

  4. Very sweet Zentangles with the buttons added. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. I bought a zentangle book recently and I am loving it. The buttons add a great touch!

  6. Oh how fun! And how wonderful you have arty friends close enough you can play with!


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