It didn't take long to start using my fabric bits.  Am working on a new colour scheme, in fact two colour schemes - one familiar and one not so familiar.  Lots of blocks are under construction for some crazy quilting.  
I thought I'd take a quick photo so you would see my studio is not always neat and tidy!
I appreciate all of you who left comments about my fabric boxes.  I do get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from organizing "stuff".   
Enjoy your weekend.  I hope to get some stitching done. 


  1. I don't want to burst your bubble but that looks pretty darn neat and tidy to me... I've never seen anything that neat at my work area. You can actually see the top of the table... Go girl... I'm anxious to see what you chose for your not usual color scheme. Great to push the limits... Hugs Ger

  2. Mmmm, looks familiar. It seems a pretty large table, plenty of room for more stuff ;)

  3. I love seeing your work area. It looks very happy and busy. Where are the piles of stuff? Very smart of you to organize into those see-thru cases. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  4. I love that big old table you have! Actually I think I'm jealous. lol


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