Although I have been spending some time in the studio, I have been spending far more time dyeing than stitching of late.  This changed late last week as I started on another CQJP block and have been playing with wool fabric a bit too - more on these when I have something to share.
More colour today!  
It turned out very bright! 



I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I'm never really sure what I'm going to come up with when I start playing with dye.  I've posted about this trim previously.  It came attached to gifted pillow cases and was blue (see below) to start.  As it was a colour versus white or cream, I wasn't sure how this would change the colours on top by over-dyeing.
I'm rather delighted with the results - very bold and bright!
Not sure what I'll use it for but you can be sure I WILL use it.
What it looked like to start with!
More next week.



Something a bit different today.
I live in a small town.  There are actually three small towns within approximately 20-30 minutes of one another, each with a population of about 10-12,000 accessible by ferry from the mainland.  It is not an island but rather a peninsula with rugged terrain hence ferry access only.  Each year during the summer our population grows with summer residents and naturally there are event weekends.  These two photos were taken during the vintage car weekend.  I think the beauty above would suit me perfectly.  I can imagine myself waving from the front seat.  Such style.
Sadly, the owner likely doesn't want to part with it.
ADORE the colour of this one!  Regretfully, I did not take a photo of inside as many of the owners have spent much time, effort and $$ with beautiful upholstery and interior finishes.  
While I was viewing these lovelies this summer, it made me think how we can get inspiration from anywhere.  
So, does the colour inspire you? 



I am always up for trades.  
Since so many of us have "stashes" it is always nice to trade "stuff" which give each of us greater variety.    When I attended my recent workshop, I was joined by Sarah and Susan from Maine.  This is one of the fabrics Sarah had picked up on a recent shopping excursion to one of her local fabric stores and she had intended to split it with Sue for use in their projects.  Since she knew she could get more, I was the lucky recipient.  
It has a lovely organza like background with beautiful velvet leaves.  Not only is the colour gorgeous, so is the texture. 
Thank you Sarah and Susan.



I received a phone call last week from a local quilting friend.  A shelf had fallen in her studio (can you relate?) which resulted in cleaning out her studio and purging some of her collection.   
  As she is not a crazy quilter, she thought of me with the above goodies.  I could not believe the size of the bag when I picked it up!  
AND once I started sorting
 OMG there are velvets, lace motifs, some silks and absolutely gorgeous laces.  Many of the laces are for use in lingerie.  I can see why Laura held on to them for so long.  The collection is exquisite.   
  Coincidentally I am planning a large project for next year and want to work in a dark dusty palette.  These are very welcome additions.  I'll be dyeing some items but many will be used as is.  This will make my project very special indeed.
Thank you so much for thinking of me Laura!



I have not been stitching much of late as I've been busy dyeing threads for my new Etsy.  I generally do not use all the dye so I start dyeing other items to use the remaining dye up.  Since I had some doilies gifted to me recently, I decided to throw them in and see what turned up.  This is one which I was really pleased with.  It is combinations of fuchsia, bronze and green.   Very pleased with the blending of the colours in this one.  More to share soon. 



During my travels I'm always watching out for interesting and different items I can add to my crazy quilts or other projects.  It is especially nice when they are hand made.  I came across these glass bugs recently in Colorado.  They are made by an artist in La Veta.  Although they are a little larger than what I might otherwise use, I really liked the colours etc.  They have a hole to stitch through at either end which makes attaching them easy.  I imagine one of these will pop up somewhere soon.  



My bullion wraps are twisted, my cast-ons are not as tight and also twisted BUT I do enjoy Brazilian work.  The rayon threads are without a doubt challenging to work with.  As you can see the sheen is gorgeous but they twist like crazy!  
What can I say, I NEED PRACTICE. 
I had the pleasure of taking a Brazilian embroidery workshop with Debbie Kelley earlier this week.  Debbie has been stitching and teaching for many years and her work is gorgeous.
This is Debbie's stitching - isn't it beautiful!  As I said, I most definitely need more practice.  Thank you Debbie!
You can see more of Debbie's beautiful stitching and kits on her website here.
Enjoy your weekend. 



I had a very productive week in my dye studio last week.  When I dye my threads there is always left over dye which I like to use up.  Usually I'll throw in some fabric or doilies or laces.  I had these flowers so decided to throw them in this time.  The results - a real rainbow of colours!  
Am back to stitching this week and will have some photos of the Brazilian embroidery workshop I attended the last several days as soon as I load them.  



This is the final result for my August block!  A very large learning curve on this one!  As you can see, it doesn't look much like my original design idea!  Interestingly, they seldom turn out the way I might have planned as I just start stitching.  That butterfly is going to work on one of my blocks for sure.  Next, September and October....
A reminder of how I started out.
Wishing all my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving.  I will not be returning until later next week as I'll be feasting on turkey and perhaps a pumpkin pie!



This is how I ended up covering up the branches!  It is far too heavily stitched but I really had no choice if I wanted to save the block.  Lots of silk ribbon flowers, an odd earring, sequin leaves, beads, French knots, a charm - rather busy!  The completed results tomorrow.



A sampling of some threads I have recently added to my Etsy.  
Thanks to all of you who have placed orders.  I look forward to seeing some stitching!



 The line of leaves I had stenciled was rather wide so I ended up covering the seam with a beautiful trim.  I added some dyed lace to the top, again the purpose was to widen the seam and cover what was underneath!  I embellished the top with beads and chenille brads.  The bottom are pistil stitches accented with beads and French knots.  
This is another stencil I have which I traced on then stitched with stem stitch.  I filled the inside with a lattice stitch in a very fine metallic.  



 This crocheted trim was originally on a pillow case I received so I seam ripped it not long ago and really wasn't sure how it would dye up.  To my delight, it came out beautifully!
This is how I stitched it up.  Lots of varying sizes of French knots (yes, they are my hand dyes) accented with beads and straight stitching.  Am rather pleased with this seam treatment - what do you think?
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