Sadly, I am behind on my CQJP block and will need to get moving now to complete both September and October.  This is how my August block began, pieced and ready to stitch.
I decided to experiment with some fabric paint and a couple of stencils I had.  It sounded like a good idea but once I started stitching I found the branches were too thick so I ended up completely re-designing the block and then naturally I had to figure out how to cover up my now permanent stenciling!  The moral, experiment on scrap fabric FIRST!!!  More to come...



Thanks to all who left comments about my new Etsy.
I thought it may be helpful to give you an idea of how my threads stitch up.  These are all my hand dyes.  
The #5 silk is similar to a #5 perle cotton.  
The 8/2 silk is between a #3 and a #5 perle cotton.  
The #12 perle cotton would be similar to 2 strands of floss.  
Currently I do not have the 20/2 silk (similar to #8 perle cotton) in the store but it is coming soon. 



Today is the big day for a new venture!  
Have decided to open an etsy store to sell my hand dyed threads.  In the future I'll have hand dyed silk ribbon also but for now, will start with threads.  When I dye threads for my stitching, I generally dye fairly large quantities but all are different so lots of variety.  
Some close-ups!
This is a #8 DMC perle cotton - 20 meter skein!  That's about 21.67 yards!

The one below is #5 100% silk - 20 meter (21.67 yard) skein!

I'll share a stitched sample on Wednesday but in the interim, I would welcome your feedback about my new 



 Rita's block completed.  And, just in case you don't remember what it looked like prior to my stitching, here it is again..... 
This was a very fun Round Robin to participate in and I anticipate doing more once I've completed my CQJP this year.  So onto new projects.  Enjoy your weekend!
Stay tuned for something NEW next week!!!



The most difficult challenge with this block was there were few seams to really stitch so I decided to carry on with focal motifs.  The heart is stitched with a lattice stitch and bordered with chain stitches.
I also decided to add a further area of small silk ribbon roses enhanced with bugle beads and leaves.  



 Just prior to starting my vacation the last of four Fabulous First Timer's block arrived.  This is Rita's block as it came to me.  Her theme is roses.  
I started by creating three spider web roses.  I then added some silk ribbon loop flowers and some other silk ribbon flowers.  Finally, the leaves, French knots and sparkle complete the nosegay.  More to come.... 



Not long ago I picked up some cameos that I really love.  Don't you adore the butterfly, I do!  I've been practicing beading cabachons so beaded this cameo.  It turned out well but I'll need to tighten the beads a bit more next time.  Enjoy your weekend.  Back Monday.  



For some time I wanted to experiment with utilizing a patterned batik for stitching.  I love batiks and I had been wondering how they would stitch up.  I did find that a batik could be used but the stitching pulls likely due to the wax content that remains in the fabric and the tighter weave.  So it worked but I'd likely not use it again.  I used #5 hand dyed perle cotton, #5 DMC perle, and 8/2 silk (very difficult to stitch), a rayon, Caron Wildflowers which stitched the best, #12 perle cotton, #8 perle cotton and a 20/2 silk (the last three dragged a bit when stitching).  If any of you have thoughts about stitching on batiks, I'd love to hear them!



 I've returned from my annual summer blog vacation!  I've had a very busy summer indeed - a little bit of creativity and a lot of vacation.  But, all good things must come to an end so I'm back in the studio as of this week.  Lots of inspiration especially over the last couple of weeks.  

Over the summer, I opened the door to find a couple of bags of goodies had been dropped off.  Now I know many of you will appreciate these, as do I.  I plan to start playing with them soon.  It is lovely to have friends that think of you and SHARE goodies.  Thank you Patricia and Maria.  
I have much to share with you but need to get my photos uploaded and organized.  I'll be by to catch up with my blog visits too!  More on Wednesday.....
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