This is the final result.  I'm thinking that the green wool stems could be re-done in a finer stitch so I may end up taking them out and re-doing them - will see.  And just in case you want to see the blank block again....
I will be starting my annual blogging break for the summer today.  I have various visitors arriving and I plan to spend A LOT of time in our much awaited sunshine!  I will be away at a workshop the first week of September so will resume blogging following my return.  I hope all of you enjoy your summer and look foward to catching up in the fall.



I decided to create a bouquet of flowers in this area.  I stitched rather long lazy daisy flowers at the top, added another lazy daisy flower with a center of french knots.  I then added a stitched purple flower with a pearl ear ring center (thrift find) and finished it off with an organza flower.  You can read about these flowers in this post.  I've stitched buttonhole around the edges to attach the flower.
Some seam treatments and a lace applique further embellished with beads.  The final results on Friday.



This week I'll be showing you my July block for my CQJP.  Here is how it started with a doily and some hand dyed lace trim on one of the seams. 

I puzzled over how to stitch the doily and decided on this block I would use it as a background only.  I could always add to it once I decide how the blocks will be sewn together.  So, I started with a cluster of flowers - spider web roses in pinks and purples and scattered french knots in various widths of silk ribbon.  I've scattered more french knots in various threads. 
I also added a dragonfly using dagger bead wings.  More on Wednesday.



Am finishing off the week with some recent thrift finds.  Don't you love the shape of those white beads.  I can see these in a seam treatment - will have to play a bit.  Also love the brooch and earrings, both of which could be surrounded by beads.  Endless possibilities. 
I've been busy in the studio the past several weeks preparing class samples for upcoming fall classes so regretfully have little to show. 



I've been practicing different stitches of late, a few of which are done with the Dazzle I mentioned in my previous post.  I generally keep a piece of muslin framed up at all times to try out threads, different stitch combinations and new stitches I see online or in a book.  See my drizzle stitch in the upper right - am really pleased with the height I achieved.  Also used an Edmar rayon (Lola).  Practicing buttonhole leaf and a version of Keiko's flower.  I need more practice!
These are a Brazilian stitch, I believe a comma!  Again, I need more practice but have a feeling you'll be seeing these pop up in some upcoming projects.
What's are you working on today? 



Hopefully all of you enjoyed or are enjoying a lovely weekend with family and/or friends. 
When I taught my beginner's crazy quilting recently, one of the ladies bought a machine thread into class to do some stitching.  It is a beautiful rayon called WonderFil Dazzle and well worth giving a try if you get the chance.  Similar to a #5 and stitches like a dream.  Very good for creating a bold stitch, one you want to stand out.  I picked up a sample pack at one of the local quilt stores and have been experimenting a bit.  Lovely colours don't you think?
I'll show you some experimenting tomorrow.

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