June is complete!  I found the center of the block rather challenging.  The fabric is a patterned satin so hmm, what to do.  I started by stitching around the center block thinking I would further stitch something in the center.  I ended up extending the pattern all around as nothing seemed to show up very well against the patterned background.  I added a seam of 1/4 buttonwheels with a center bead and a "spray" of buds using bullions - YES BABES, BULLIONS!!! 
And just in case you want to see the before again

There are some beautiful blocks to see on the CQJP blog so why not drop by for a visit. 
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and Happy July 4th to my southern friends.
Back on Tuesday!



I believe I may have mentioned awhile ago that I met with a group of women in the city who do Brazilian Embroidery.  I found out about them after I contacted the Brazilian Embroiderer's Guild online.  They call themselves "The Bullion Babes" - what a great name and they meet weekly to stitch.  AND they have been doing this for many years.  I spent a day with them and thoroughly enjoyed myself as well as learning a lot too.  I always so enjoy stitching with women who have stitched for a LONG...... time.  So BABES, you will be very happy to see I did a line of stitching using cast-ons - lots of fun.  I used a #8 perle cotton.  This was topped with a detached chain and under it are pistil stitches. 
I have been experimenting with different ways of transferring a design to crazy quilt blocks of late.  The leaves are done using a stencil.  I laid the stencil onto the fabric and used some fabric paint very lightly to transfer the pattern.  I then stitched once the paint dried.  Am delighted with the results. 
The "BABES" are smiling!   I've used lazy daisy bullions to create some flowers and buds in RAYON!!!  I find rayon rather tricky to work with but I'm learning!  The complete block on Friday.



This is how my block began for June!  If I had it to do again I would not use the light green on the left OR I could have covered it with some lace which I could have dyed to tone in with the other more olive shades of green.  I constructed all of my blocks earlier this year at once to coordinate colours.  What can I say, it is a learning process so I'll know better for next time AND I'll watch out for colour issues!!!
I decided to start this block with some crewel work since it is a technique new to me and I wanted to give it a go.  Well, it isn't perfect but I learned in the process.  I most definitely learned to make sure I traced the pattern well!!!!  I played around with a butterfly pattern accomplished with chain stitches from Carole Samples book and I managed to use several of the copper flowers I picked up in my recent travels.  More on Wednesday....



This is the third block I've stitched on in my Fabulous First Timer's Round Robin with the Crazy Quilt Yahoo Group - one more block to go!  I anticipated that I would find it more challenging and this certainly was no exception.  My challenge would be to attempt to blend the previous two participants stitching with my own.  After seeing it on my design wall for several days, I decided to focus on the lower right corner.
I wanted to integrate the beautiful butterfly motif satin so since I had recently stitched up a wisteria vine felt this would cover and extend the seam.  I couched a fiber for the stem, added silk ribbon leaves and french knot flower clusters in ribbon and thread.  I then played around with a seam treatment using bullion rose buds but felt they needed more so added the curves or tendrils.  Naturally it needed a bit of bling so scattered some beads about. 
Another challenge came as I felt I needed to add a bit more stitching to the block while still keeping space for the fourth participant to work on.  So, added the detached chain leaf motif with a few sparkles in the background and some french knots. 
So, what do you think of the results? 



Several weeks ago one of my lovely blog followers e-mailed me that she would send me some of her collection of green fabrics as she has been following the progression of the CQJP.  Talk about a surprise.  Well my parcel arrived last week.  Look what was inside... 
A gorgeous collection of GREENS!  Some laces, satins, velvets, embroidered sheers.  And a beautiful dyed butterfly and lace piece in the perfect colours!  All of these lovelies came courtesy of Nicki Lee.  Nicki Lee sells the hand dyed laces in her etsy shop, Raviolee Dreams so why don't you give her a visit. 
Thank you Nicki Lee, so thoughful!



Am starting off the week with some thrift find jewelry.  I picked these up at several of the thrift stores I visited during my recent trip to Port Townsend.  I can see the bow with some additional beading.  The flower will be a beautiful stand alone piece.  The leaf, have a feeling I'll use it in some sort of cluster or floral spray.  Great finds!  Have been busily working on some fall class samples in the background - lots of goodies for the future....   



As I have gardening on the brain these days decided to play around with one of my rose photos.  I was playing with some Kim Klassen textures.
This is the before photo taken just after a light rain last year.  A lovely rose don't you think?  So, am off to do some gardening this weekend providing the weather permits.  Hope you do something you enjoy.  I hope all you father's out there enjoy your day. 



This is what is currently on my work bench.  I'm highlighting an existing pattern on an embroidered cloth in one of my blocks.
What's on your work bench?



Do you remember the post I did awhile back about resin charms?  If not, you can see it here.  Last week I decided to play around with some beads to create my resin cabachon.  There are lots of videos on you tube that show how this can be done.  I used a background of felt which I will not use again as it was a little too soft.  I'll likely use a slightly stiffer and heavier interfacing.  I started with a row of #11 seed beads.
I added a second row of #15 seed beads.  Very basic but I'm fairly pleased with the results.  In the close up I see there are a few gaps so I'll work on better results for next time.  I think this may find a home in one of my upcoming CQJP blocks.
Thank you to all of you who left such lovely comments about Suzy's journal for me.   



More of the softest olive green lace and a stamped page for writing.  On the right is a page layered with various fabrics, a doily, laces, embroidered chiffon and a keyhole with key attached.  Makes me think of a gate opening to a secret garden!

And the final pages!  On the left is another page for writing, stamped and outlined with machine stitching.  On the right is another painting (beautiful) edged with chiffon and more embroidered fabric. 
How best do I describe this treasure?  It surprises me when I pick it up that it is so light.  She has set a romantic, vintage mood by using soft airy fabrics and softened images.  The entire journal has an ethereal quality.  Thank you Suzy - I will treasure it and think of you as I leaf through the pages.  I anticipate the pages will be well worn as time passes....
So perhaps you just may want one for yourself!!!
Something new on Monday.



Turning the page we come to a journal page with a lovely floral motif on the left side.  This is backed by a soft olive green lace (to die for!).  The page on the right is built up with layers of soft fabrics, a tea stained doily, lace, needle felting and embroidered edging.  Don't you love the flower charm in the upper right corner.  In the center of the lace motif is a small button or charm inlaid with tiny flowers - beautiful!
Another beautiful image bordered with lace and layered fabrics complete the background.  On the right is a journal page with bird stamp (totally me!).
Another image with a background of layered laces, velvet, chiffon and some needlefelting.  On the left is a journal page edged with brown and stamped for further vintage appeal.



When I contacted Suzy about making me a journal, I requested a garden theme and I specifically wanted her to use some of her pre-raphaelite images which I adore.  The front cover has a lovely cheesecloth flower with a beaded center.  Suzy has used a lovely soft pale pink chiffon which may have been tea stained as it has a very vintage look.  The back has a printed chiffon with bits of a doily and lace.  The wrap is made with a embroidered velvet (beautiful).  The orange/brown fabric is appearing far more orange in the photo than it actually is.  It is more brown giving a very vintage feel to the entire journal.
Now I've come to the first and second pages.  The first page has a lovely embroidered fabric with more printed chiffon covering a beautiful painted image.  The image is so soft.  On the right is the second page with another image back with layers a variety of layes and more chiffon.  Such a light and airy feel. 
The third page leaves room for journalling if I choose.  Suzy has done some needlefelting on the right page using rovings, fabrics and laces.  It is further enhanced by a tea stained lace motif and buttons.  It does appear as if one were looking through a window to the garden beyond - I believe just what she had in mind!



Over the last three years of blogging, I have developed friendships with many talented artists.  I must admit, I do look forward to the mail and especially when there is a large BULKY envelope - puts a smile on my face because I just know there will be amazing goodies inside.  So last Thursday this arrived from Australia!
What was inside, a lovely parcel all wrapped up with a string of lace and a vintage tag - be still my beating heart!!! 
When I unwrapped the lace, all sorts of lovely fabrics emerged, damasks, florals, printed, laces.  Can you guess what was inside?  OR who sent it?
This is my new "Gardens Ever Changing" journal that I had custom made by the incredibly talented textile artist (that is YOU girlfriend), Suzy of Suzy Qu's Threadworks.  I thought you might like to come along on my journey of discovery this week to see what Suzy created for me through my photos.  I look forward to sharing this exquisite journal with you.  



In March I offered a variety of giveaways and Peggy received one of my goodies.  I was both surprised and delighted to receive an ATC from her recently as a thank you.  Really lovely.  Thank you Peggy!

The thrift finds have been minimal of late until last week when I came across this lovely little change purse.  It is inspiring a fabric collage of some kind....



This is the final result.  I finshed the block with various seam treatments using chain, straight, chevron etc.  I paid closer attention to create repetition in the colours so as to draw the eye around the block.   And just in case you want to see the blank block again
Quite a difference!  Now, onto June! 
Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments.

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