Instead of enhancing the doily I decided to use it as a background for my own interpretation of a wisteria vine.  The leaves are all detached chains in varying sizes.  Added a butterfly motif layered with beads.
I was playing around with buttonhole stitch half wheels, added some lucite flowers and beads.  Also added a flower lace motif with additional beading. 
Of course I HAD to add some silk ribbon work so created this flower cluster with ribbon stitch, feather background, french knots, some beads and a bird charm.   The final results on Friday... 



This week I'll be sharing my CQJP May block.  Can't quite believe I will be half way through this project next month - time flies!  Above is the blank block with a partial hand dyed doily added.  I started stitching in the center taking advantage of the already embroidered fabric. 
I stem stitched in a perle cotton to outline the flower and added some simple straight stitches in a metallic machine thread to add a little glitz.  More on Wednesday.




After MANY loads of laundry I have now added an incredible selection of embroidered linens to my stash.  Above are various tablecloths, placemats, doilies, pillowcases.   
These are the hankies and napkins, some of which are a blend of polyester and cotton.  ALL will likely be dyed at some point for use in projects.  For now, they take up a full drawer.
Thank you Karen for sending these home with me.  I can hardly wait to use them!  Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to.   Some crazy quilting next week. 



I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Port Townsend recently visiting a friend I met in Paris last year.  The weather was fabulous as was the visit, surroundings and margaritas - thank you Karen and Gene!  Port Townsend has a wonderful bead shop where they also sell trims.  These were a few beauties I picked up.
I also picked up some I believe rayon ribbon yarn - looking forward to playing with these soon.  You just never know what you may find on your travels. 



Our challenge stitch this week on TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) was bullions.  How timely since I recently attended a group of lovely ladies who specialize in Brazilian Embroidery in the city.  I've been practicing for the last number of weeks with several stitches they demonstrated.  I learned how very versatile bullions can be and started playing with the stitch as soon as I got home.  The above is what I came up with for my most recent CQJP block I've been working on.  I'm not sure if I used silk or cotton with about a 30 wrap which allowed me to create the oval flower petals. 
My wraps are not as finely stitched but as we all know, practice, practice, practice!!!  Back next week.



I was playing with some layers and textures earlier in the week and since I have gardening on the brain with our nice weather thought I would share the before above
and the after!  Credit - Kim Klassen textures.  We are celebrating a long weekend here in Canada so back on Tuesday!  To my fellow Canucks, enjoy your long weekend. 



This is what is currently on my studio work bench.  I've been experimenting with different methods of stitching wings.  This one shows one of four stumpwork wings.  There is a really excellent video on stumpwork by British embroiderer Kelley Aldridge who trained at the Royal School of Needlework.  You can find the video here.  Just Hands on TV is a great site with both free and subscriber videos, info etc. 
SO, what is on your work bench?



I came across these great bow earrings on my latest thrift venture.  I think they will look lovely combined with some silk ribbon work.
Then I came across these pearl earring clusters.  I think they will make a great flower centers.  What have you found at the thrift store of late?



So, here is what I decided to do to bring all the sections together.  I stitched several silk ribbon flowers, added some leaves, scattered some feather stitches, added some french knots and interspersed several tiny lace flowers.  Filled in with some cheater roses.  The final touch, some beads.
This is the final result.  I'm delighted the way it came together but more importantly, I hope Bonnie who made this block really likes it.  This is off in the mail so expecting the third block soon.
I will be away from blogging until next week so see you then!



This is the second block I received in the Fabulous First Timers swap I'm participating in with the Crazy Quilt Yahoo Group.  

This is the first occasion I have had to stitch on a curved pieced block and I will most definitely be using many more curves in my future projects.  When I received the block Linda had stitched several lovely seam treatments.  Bonnie's favourite colours are greens, purples, cream.  I felt my design challenge was to create a cohesive flow so I opted to stitch in the lower right of the block.  I started with completing a seam treatment consisting of cast ons, pistil stitches, detached chain and straight stitches in a hand dyed perle cotton.  I felt the addition of a red violet enhanced and added a punch to the other seam treatments.
I added the stitched leaves in stem stitch and inside some detached chain stitches.  I then moved on to creating a flow between the seam I stitched and one of the seams Linda had stitched so I opted to fill the area in with two hearts outlined in stem stitch and filled with a lattice pattern.  I used a hand dyed perle cotton for the outline.
Then I was faced with a real challenge - how to connect all the areas together.  Want to see what I decided?  Check back Wednesday!


CQJP April 2012

This the final result for my April block.  Now onto May.....  Thanks to everyone who has left such lovely comments this week both about my blog re-design and this project.  Enjoy your weekend!


CQJP April

I created a cluster of flowers and leaves.  The leaves are hand dyed lace motifs further embellished with beads.  Also dyed some lace motif flowers then created some ribbon flowers.  
I've been practicing bullions of late so created a feather stitch with bullion flowers using silk thread.
The final results on Friday!
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