CQJP April

Once again I'm just under the deadline of the end of April for my Crazy Quilt Journal Project for the month. 
As always, I started with a "naked" block as above. 
I realized, regretfully after the fact that I made a mistake in the construction of this block with a seam directly above my doily.
I will likely end up stitching over this once the block is joined to disguise it. 
This is the start of decorating my doily.  Cheater roses and beads.
You can see more of the CQJP blocks here.
I'll be sharing more of the progress on this block throughout the week.
Thanks to all of you who have left comments about my new design.



It all started with a thought of a new look for my blog.  After I enrolled in an online blog/website course, I quickly came to the conclusion that the language of "code" may be a little beyond my capacity.  So, I purchased a pre-made template from  Of course, things are never "just the way you want them" so the template was further customized by Bryonna @  I've also utilized a couple of the lovely elements Trudi @ created for me in my previous design.
This is my new look!
There remain a few more changes /additions to make but here it is. 
Please refresh your browser to ensure you see all the features of my new site. 
My new design utilizes pages where you can learn more about me, see where I have been published, see who inspires me (blogroll coming), contact me or visit my shop in the future.  You will see these listed in the navigation bar below my header.  In the right column you can sign up to follow my blog if you are not a current follower OR search for something that may interest you.  At the bottom of the blog you can find my archives, popular posts and followers. 
I hope you find the new site easy to navigate and as always, appreciate your comments. 
Thank you Bryonna for bringing my not always clear vision to fruition.
I'll return to regular posting on Monday. 



My blog is undergoing a makeover over the next couple of days.
Please visit me again when you will see the content in a new format.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Trudi @ Two Dresses Studio who designed my blog three years ago.  
Thank you Trudi for a beautiful design. 


Needle felting

I had my needle felter out recently and came up with this background.  I used a neutral wool felt background with rovings and cheesecloth.  I didn't really have a specific idea, just went with what I had in my stash.  I will be adding lots of beads and who knows what else.  Perhaps it will become a book cover.

On another note, thanks to all of you who left the lovely comments about my French Knot butterfly.  Lots of ideas for the body so I will be experimenting this week!


More french knots.....

What can I say? 
I got a bit carried away with my french knot journey! 
Haven't decided what to do with the body yet (suggestions are welcome). 
Am taking a long weekend so back on Tuesday!


French Knots

This week on TAST it is all about french knots! 
Not long ago, I started a more abstract sampler of sorts.  The idea was to do small sections of one stitch.  The french knots above were completed with a wide variety of threads and yarns in various thickenesses.  I found it interesting to see the variations that resulted, all using 3 wraps.
I don't know that I've perfected french knots but I sure have given it a good try!
To see more samples, visit Pintangle. 
I got carried away again here.


Els Van Baarle

I've been re-organizing blog photos, editing etc this past week and came across the above samples I had completed in a workshop several years ago with Els Van Baarle. 
Els is from the Netherlands and is a wonderful teacher.  I spent 5 days learning her batik applications with wax on fabric along with various techniques of surface design at Fibreworks
There were about 8 participants which provided plenty of individual attention. 
I always find workshop environments so stimulating, not only from what one learns from the teacher, but from the experiments taking place in class by other participants. 
If you are interested in surface design and ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with Els, don't miss it!  She is a generous and knowledgeable instructor!


Fabulous First Timers!

I am currently participating in my first ever Round Robin with the CQ Yahoo group.  If you are not familiar with a RR - there are five participants.  Each participant makes a 12" block and the blocks are circulated so that you receive your own block back embellished by each of the other participants.  This is Linda's naked block above. 
Instead of just showing a photo I thought I would describe my design process as each block I work on becomes a learning tool. 
I started with choosing hand dyed threads and ribbon drawing from the colours in the central embroidered fabric.  There was a seam where the purple and pink joined that I wanted to hide so I stitched a small silk ribbon bouquet of roses which did the trick.  Added the bow to extend the design further.  In retrospect, it likely would have been better to make the bouquet larger to begin with!  Added a butterfly charm to further fill in the area.
I wanted to soften the darker fabric so layered a lightly tinted apricot lace over this.  I further extended this seam by two rows of zig zag stitching.  I decorated the lace a little so there is still room if another participant wants to add beads etc.  I think the scalloped edges would look lovely with beads don't you!?  
I found as I got into stitching I could have easily kept going.  Very difficult to choose which seams to stitch first!  
Hope Linda likes it.
Another block will be in the mail shortly so look forward to sharing it next month.


Thrift finds!

I'm finishing the week off with a thrift find - what else LACE!
I am always pleased when I come across a bag of lace AND it is not all that common.
When I was trying to get my photo, someone had to be part of the action! 
Enjoy your weekend!


Resin Charms

As many of you know, I don't ALWAYS work with textiles. 
Sometimes I experiment with other products, ideas etc. 
I have wanted to use some Ice Resin for some time and had the chance last week.  I collaged various images, words and charms to be encased in resin.  Even decided at the last minute to collage some spoons - I'll likely curve the handles in the future.
The resin poured well and I was lucky enough to have very few air bubbles.  All and all, delighted with the results.  Most if not all of these will find their way into a future crazy quilt project!


Dyeing experiments

During my giveaways last month I managed to get in some dyeing time.  The above is cotton velveteen.  I wasn't sure when I purchased it how it would come up but I'm really delighted with the results.
 This is a selection of damask napkins picked up at the thrift store.  I find that fabric content varies so much with these.  If the polyester content is high then generally the fabric dyes very light.  Always fun to see the results. 


CQJP March completed!

This is the completed March block. 
I find each block I complete for this project serves as a learning tool.  Lots of lessons in this one!
1.  Make sure to stay within the chosen colour palette - blue/green does not go well with olive greens.  Have no idea why I didn't see this earlier.
2.  I would have been better to cover the blue/green silk with perhaps lace - this would have softened it with only a hint of the colour showing through.
3.  When you are experimenting with a design as in the beads/french knots on the right of the block, do so on paper FIRST!   I started stitching and made the mistake of marking my fabric so I had to go with it.  I'm not sure it will stay this way!
And just in case you want a refresher of my naked block, here it is.
Lessons learned, I'm moving on!
Thanks to all of you who have left such lovely comments this week.


CQJP March

I spent part of last month dyeing threads and silk ribbon and ended up adding some lace motifs. 
As always, I end up playing with colour and this lace motif was no exception.  I've added some glitz with Kreinik braid and a few silk ribbon cheater roses.  Very simply embellished. 
Added a small cluster of silk ribbon tulips.
The completed block on Friday!


CQJP March

Since I was thinking of spring I decided to experiment with the idea of cherry blossoms, although admittedly these are rather large cherry blossoms!  This brought back fond memories of my childhood as I grew up in the city and each spring we had trees lining the boulevard with these lovely pink blossoms - quite beautiful!
I needed to balance this section of the block so what better way then with a button cluster.  The larger buttons are vintage (thank you Pat!).  I then added a sequin leaf, a bead leaf and lucite leaf.  Finally, added the charm and bead dangles.
More to come!
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