CQJP February

This is my February block for the ongoing CQJP.  I managed to complete it last week so a little ahead of last month.  I have already started on March so I seem to be getting caught up. 
I was playing around with some branches and flowers.
SRE in the center.

 SRE butterfly with a bullion body.
A simple floral spray.
I like how this block turned out far more than January.  Will see what March brings.



I've always admired cameos and was delighted when I found an online source for these.
I need to get busy and bead around some.
I suppose you could say "where there is a will there is a way".  I'd say he is rather persistent!
This is MY chair and HE has his own chair in the same room.  In the evening when we watch television he comes and sits with me.  However, lately he has decided he likes Mom's chair better than his own.  SO, I put my occasional table to stop him sitting on it during the day. 
Hmmmmm, guess it didn't work.  He somehow managed to fit his rather large self in between the two legs!


Studio organization

Late last year I decided I needed to find a more effective way of organizing my hand threads.  I originally had them on wire binder rings but as the collection grew, I found they would tend to get tangled etc.  When I participated in a trim swap last year, I received some trims on larger floss keys (above) which I hadn't seen locally.  So, I sourced them online and have been organizing since. 
All my threads fit into one drawer now with the exception of a remaining few still on rings.  So far, this system seems to be working well.  I find organizing them by colour allows me to select threads easily for any project.   
Love it when a plan comes together! 



Something very simple today.  I had copied an image of flowers onto fabric not long ago.  Experimenting with different types of transfer fabrics etc.  I decided to use it in the center of this postcard overlayed with some very simple stitching.
Not much studio time so far this week but hope to play a bit today. 


Thrift success!

Over the last month or so I've not had very successful thrift store trips.  All that changed last week when I picked up the bag of lace above, all of which I can use!
THEN, I found this box of sequins and beads - hardly ever see anything like this so picked them up as well!
 I have only been spending sporadic bits of time in the studio over the last several weeks.  Fortunately the weather was rather poor Friday so I managed to get some stitching done.  Worked on finishing up my CQJP February block so I'll be starting on March now.  Also worked on some sample stitching for my beginner's class.  


Block 3 completed!

Block 3 of my fall tones completed!
Am moving onto something else next week.
Enjoy your weekend. 


Block 3 continued

  All french knots which took me 5 1/2 hours to stitch!
Believe me, it will be much SMALLER next time!!!
 Stitch and learn!
Playing with some buttonwheel flowers.


Fall Tones Block 3

This week is all about my fall tone crazy quilt block 3!  I showed blocks 1 and 2 late last year so about time I had this one completed. 
It started out with silk ribbon roses and a semi-stitched bullion flower.
Then I played around with some pistil stitches, chain stitching and adding a starburst button. 
Then more of a geometric seam finish, more chain and some butterfly beads.
More on Wednesday.


Told you!

A little birdie "Told You"!  I was thinking of this expression recently and came up with the above digital. 

We had our second Crazy Quilt yesterday and I thought you may like to see some of the blocks the ladies have created.

I'm quite pleased with the results.  We have now commenced hand stitching.
Enjoy your weekend!


Dye pot!

My dye pot was busy last week.  I tore up a lace tablecloth and a damask tablecloth - both previous thrift store finds and they ended up in the dye pot.  I love dyeing damask because you never quite know what you are going to end up with.  The dye absorbs differently depending on the cotton/poly content.  I wanted to have various different colours just in case my CQ students wanted to use some.
Also dyed some silk threads in two weights with the leftover dye.
Hand stitching in my class tomorrow and I do plan on taking some photos!  


TAST Week 5

I have decided not to stress myself by not keeping up with TAST at present.  I do manage to visit some participant's blogs so thought I'd share another digital journal page.  All about herringbone stitch this week.  Beautiful variations don't you think?
I start my Bloom True course with Flora Bowley today - am quite excited what this journey will bring.  Will leave you with one of Flora's paintings!
Am having a birthday lunch with a girlfriend today.  Don't you just love when your birthday carries on for a couple of weeks - LOVE IT!


Bold and colourful!

Bold and colourful wouldn't you agree?! 
I attended a workshop at one of our local quilt stores last week.  We made these "Charm Bags" which are HUGE!!!  Wonderful opportunity to use up fabrics from my quilting days.  Quilter's are using the bags for taking supplies to workshops etc.  That is exactly what I plan to use mine for.  The size can be altered for a smaller bag.  Fun to make....    
One of the things I like most about attending workshops is seeing the variations on the project.  Here are the other participant's bags - don't they look wonderful!
I taught my first crazy quilt class yesterday with everyone making their first CQ block.  I'll post some photos of the blocks next week!


Birthday gifts!

Today I'm delighted to share some very special birthday gifts from my friend Judy all the way from Australia!  She has been very busy making tags of late and I am now the lucky recipient!!
AND the above postcard - gorgeous!
AND this scissor holder with one of Judy's gorgeous painted faces.  I added my scissors so they would show up but the pair I use most frequently has orange handles!! 
I know, I couldn't believe there was more but there was!
Thank you Judy - you really have spoiled me!
Judy makes so many beautiful treasures to stop by for a visit to her blog.
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