I'm stuck!
I posted this photo of my French knot butterfly earlier in the year.  At that time several of you had left suggestions on how to stitch the body.  I am thinking about satin stitching it but wondered if any of you had photos of butterfly bodies you had stitched.  Secondly, what colour would you choose for the body?
Thank you. 


  1. Lorraine the obvious answer is Satin stitch but I am a French knot person through and through and I would use French knots snd you could use Stem stitch for the feelers.I think black would be a good colour.
    That's my 5 cents worth.

  2. Love, love the french knots! I would use a satin stitch on the body--

  3. The minute I saw this I knew what I would do...krienk metallic gold VF (either 3232 or 102C)both are soft golds as opposed to brassy golds. Any colored floss would be overwhelmed by the dazzling butterfly or detract from it... She would be like a elegant setting on a gold ring.

    When you said you had suggestions before I bet I had said the same thing so I searched back in your blog and found the post. And sure enough!!! I said "This girl is gorgeous and for her body I vote for GOLD!!! Those beautiful wings need some glitz to do them justice... "

  4. I think I would carry on with the french knots but small ones and stitch them in shades of black and dark grey to define the body. Also perhaps incorporate a sheen or metallic look to the threads.

  5. Really interesting butterflies have striped bodies - I might do series of black or a very dark shade of maroon or green alternating with her wing colors in stripes, especially on the big abdomen section. Use the dark in satin stitch on the thorax and head.

    :) Linda (beautiful, beautiful work!)

  6. I had not seen this butterfly before and I am breathless with the beauty of your french knot stitching. Stunning and no matter how you do the body this butterfly will be drop dead gorgeous. Blissful Stitching...

  7. because the wings are so busy already... the body needs to be satin stitched in a black, charcol or chocolate brown..

  8. Oh Lorraine it is so beautiful the way you have shaded the little butterfly. I tend to agree with Gerry and use a a gold or a similar colour you have already used e.g. fawn/light brown in satin stitch so that her wings are the feature of this piece.
    Beautiful work!

  9. Lorraine, I was wonderdering where this little butterfly went. So many great comments. I think the contrast of using a satin stitch would be beautiful, something with alittle sheen (not to dark). You could always do some stitching on a piece of scrap and hold it next to your wings to see how you like it before you do your final stitching.

  10. Oh yes, I remember when you posted this! I think it's gorgeous! I usually use black for butterfly bodies. I guess I like them to really pop! But that's me! Pam


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