Happy Halloween!

  Marsha has a new kit called Slightly Sinister so I naturally had to play with the theme a little.
Have a safe Halloween!


Thrift finds

All for future use in crazy quilting.  I'll likely cut the crocheted doily apart to use the flowers once it has been dyed.  The earrings will make nice additions.  Couldn't resist the bird earrings too.  That's it for another week of creativity.  What are you up to these days? 


Free Motion

I decided to take a break from hand stitching and started playing with some free motion embroidery on my machine.  When I need some inspiration in my studio I tend to start reviewing my magazines.  There was an article in Stitch in this issue.  It was written by Kathleen Laurel Sage who is a very talented UK embroiderer.  The flowers are made with layers of organza.  I was delighted with the way they turned out.
Her website is definitely worth checking out so go take a peak.  


Fabric collage

Playing with some leftover bits and pieces.  Must admit, I'm not as fond of this one as others.  Think it is the gingham background, just doesn't do it for me!  Anyway, thought I'd share.
Am off to play in the studio today.  Hope you find some time to do the same.



She is a "star"!  I had fun playing with some simple digital recently.  This is one of the creations.  I love those stars....
Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to.


Felted Flowers

I continued on with some wet felting experimentation last week and came up with these.
They currently do not look like much but I have a feeling with some beading and various embellishments they will sing when they are done.  I am thinking they will look good against a crazy quilted background.  I am going to experiment a bit more to make some smaller ones.   



Since I posted on Friday about my love of green thought it appropriate to share one of my thrift finds last week!  Can you believe they were still in the box and all for 50 cents.  Oh, I love it when I find a bargain.
Happy hunting to YOU too.
Thank you all for such lovely comments on my "green" CQ piece.



I've been going CRAZY lately.  
I'm fond of green, in fact the main floor of our house is painted in shades of green.  I've been pondering an idea for making a CQ wall hanging so I started experimenting with piecing a background early last spring using what fabric I had on hand.  I realized I'd need to purchase (or trade hint hint) a lot more fabric, especially silks, satins, brocades if I wanted a variety of values (which I do) and textures in a larger piece so I decided to use this for stitching experiments and silk ribbon motif practice.  
I don't like it so it is incomplete and will likely remain in the drawer for awhile until inspiration strikes (or not).
I learned a lot when piecing and stitching this.  I'm in the process of collecting more green fabric for a larger piece.
I recently have pieced several 12 inch blocks (not greens) which I am currently stitching so expect to see more in the upcoming weeks....
Just a shout out to thank those of you who leave comments.
Enjoy your weekend



A 5x7 collage I made awhile back. 
I think I may have to make a book for all these little collages.....
Something crazy for tomorrow's post.....



I am a member of a small stitch group locally, all with an interest in hand embroidery/stitching.  We get together once monthly and last month one member's sister-in-law was visiting.  Jill is a felter from the UK.  She gave us a wonderful demonstration on wet felting.  I took a few photos of her work above - isn't it fantastic!  She is coming back next year with plans to teach a workshop so I just may have to attend. 
After the demo I came home and created this..... 
Wool/bamboo rovings in a green/yellow blend.  I'm happy with the results but not sure what it will become yet (what else is new!?)



I've been playing digitally lately and this is one I came up with.  Layers, brushes etc., generally just playing around... 
Credits - Tumblefish and Irena Alexeeva.
Wishing all of my fellow Canadian bloggers a Happy Thanksgiving.
I'll be back posting next Tuesday after the holiday weekend.



The Crazy Quilt International Yahoo group recently offered participation in a group charm/lace buy.  Thought I would share the stash that arrived in my mail box last week.  Quite an assortment of treasures.  Can you believe all those charms!!!!
They are now tucked away in my drawers when inspiration strikes!!!
Enjoy your day whatever you get up to.



What the heck happened to September!!!!
The last several weeks I have been experimenting with various techniques, supplies etc.  This is a machine needle felted piece I was playing around with.  Background is black felt with foil.  Wool and silk rovings were layered over this then topped with thread bits.  A layer of chiffon was placed to hold everything in place then needle felting. 
Yes, I do keep my thread bits left over from both hand stitching and machine work!
I'm pleased with the results - no idea currently what this will become.
Watched Downton Abbey season 1 on DVD this weekend - well
worth watching.  Looks as if the second season started airing in the UK this past month so will look forward to watching this next year.
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