Shades of grey

The Crazy Quilt International yahoo group recently had an "All About Grey" challenge.  We were to construct a 12x12 block in shades of grey (includes silver and pewter), use some glass, fiber and metal in the piece.  This is the first challenge I've ever participated in and I must admit, it was a challenge!  An excellent study in the use of value. 
So, how did it start....
I started with laying out elements.  I dyed some silk ribbon and laces.  I also coloured polyester laces with transfer dye.   I didn't use everything in the photo but was surprised to find I had far more than I thought!
A close up of the SRE motif.  I would have liked to have more variation of colours in the silk ribbon but found it difficult to achieve grey without getting black or blue, so went with what I had.
Had never stitched a spider web before.  I like it but would stitch it differently next time.  My spider is pitiful - I need to learn how to stitch one properly!  I made it far more difficult than it needed to be.  Many of the buttons I used in the cluster were from Pat's stash (remember all those buttons last year!).  Added some brads (as in scrapbooking), a broken earring and beads.
I found Gerry Krueger's new blog, Block Talk very helpful in designing this block - thanks Gerry!

I have decided to take this summer off from blogging.  I find I want to spend more time outside in the garden and enjoying the weather than I do with creative pursuits at this time of year.  Having said this, it doesn't mean I won't be playing around with something, just not as much as usual.  I'll be working on various projects both ongoing and new so hope to have a variety to share when I return in September.
Enjoy your summer!



This is one of my favourite ATC's.  I like the image and colours.  Layers of scraps from other projects, bits of rag, cheesecloth, printed muslin, trim etc.  Lots of bits!



Thanks to those of you who commented on my silk dyeing - plan to do more of this! 
I found some inspiration on ebay several weeks ago.  I don't shop much on ebay but came across this stash when I was looking for something else.  When I contacted the seller turns out she lived just outside of Vancouver so DH picked these up when he was in the city last week.  
These books provide a tremendous amount of inspiration for new projects this summer....   



When I was dyeing recently I threw some silk velvet into the leftover dye and look what came up!  The dye took beautifully and am thrilled with this piece.
Some beading experimentation on a machine needle felted background - just playing!  Enjoy your weekend.



Not so long ago I was on a roll with fabric collages so an ATC to share today.  Lots of little scraps used surrounding this image.


Collage card

Am sharing a fabric collage card size (5x7) today.  The background is an old tea towel layered with rusted textured wallpaper, laces, cheesecloth with various bits of trim added.  I've added a special lace motif on top of the image (thank you Viola!).
Happy 4th my American friends... 
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