Silk Ribbon Embroidery

I recently took several silk ribbon embroidery classes with a very gifted silk ribbon embroiderer, Karen Fraser in southern California at Piecemaker's.  Karen has assisted Di Van Niekerk teaching in Australia and will be doing so again in 2012.   
This is what was stitched in the Silk Ribbon Embroidery 101 class.  A wealth of information in a very small 10x10" piece!  Regretfully, it is not finished as I've run out of the green silk ribbon for the leaves so will need to get some more.  
I'll start by saying the very detailed fine feather stitch is NOT stitched by me - I only wish!  I arrived to Karen's class and she had stitched up the grid for me - can you believe it!  This left me time to focus my attention on learning the flowers.  I have played with silk ribbon work a very tiny bit but Karen's classes gave me the confidence to move forward.  Thank you Karen!
Happy 4th of July to my American friends and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!  Enjoy your weekend festivities.    


Fabric Journal Finished

Free motion stitching and bits!
More rust stained pillowcase bits.
This is what it looks like put together.  Added a corset on an embroidered linen doily, just because I felt like it!!!
So, there you have the journal.  Guess I'll have to start adding some photos now....  Onto something new next.
For those of you who have left comments on this project, thank you!


Fabric Journal 6

The page on the left has some edge stitching with a rusted portion of a lace edge pillowcase.  Just prior to my departure I received a card from a friend (thanks Donna) so decided to use the envelope.
I've added bits of trim to the page on the right and an embroidery transfer I picked up at the thrift store on some dyed muslin on the left.
Am almost finished this project, only one more post then moving on. 


Fabric Journal 5

I've used some lace on the border of the left page along with some upholstery fabric and a fabric star.  The right hand page has some stitching.  Decided to add a couple of eyelets and some dyed thread so I could attach objects to in the future.
More gesso and paint on the left and a torn bit of embroidered tablecloth tea stained on the right.
Enjoy your weekend!


Fabric Journal 4

I've added some stitching, paper ephemera and fabric bits.  Added some eyelets to the bottom of the right hand page to provide an option to hang items or fibers.

Stitching, fabric bits, paint splatters, gesso and free motion stitching. 


Fabric journal 3

I was playing again with some paint and gesso on the left hand page.  On the right bits of a tablecloth layered onto a damask fabric.  This creates a sleeve.
More gesso and paint on the left.  On the right is another overdyed lace tablecloth with a portion of a hankie with scraps and a printed word.


Fabric journal 2

Thanks to all who left comments on my fabric journal, always appreciated.  Sounds as if photos should be added....
I washed colour, spattered and sprayed on the left and created a pocket from an old pillowcase (rusted) on the right.  My thought was I could add various bits and pieces in the pocket.

All kinds of fabric scraps on the left.  Played with a bit of lace and gesso.  Do you recognize the fabric collage on the right?  It is postcard size collage that I had created and posted about a ways back.
Am into the city to see Wicked this weekend so back again Monday.


Fabric journal

Have returned from my California trip, fabulous time! Learned lots from the most incredible silk ribbon embroidery teacher, Karen Fraser! Thank you Karen, I so enjoyed my classes. Also managed to squeeze in a crazy quilt stitching class - thanks Di!  I'll be sharing photos at a later date.
Prior to my trip to Paris, I debated about making a journal for several months.  I should clarify, I've never kept a journal so really wasn't sure what to write in one and my drawing is terrible!  At one point, I considered collecting bits and pieces during the trip and then construct it on my return but in the end decided to make one prior to departure which as you can see, I did not use!!!!!     
Over the next week or so I'll be sharing pages. 
I free motioned stitched on the left page over 90 lb watercolour paper and the doily creates a pocket on the right.
I'm open to suggestions - am thinking of adding photos - what do you think?   


CQ Postcard

Another crazy quilt postcard to share today.  I was practicing some silk ribbon embroidery on this one, a ways to go!  
I will be away from posting for the next week as I am attending some silk ribbon embroidery workshops.  Look forward to sharing some photos on my return. 



I got mail from Trudi!  This is a parcel that arrived about a week ago.  The Duck Whisperer is Trudi's skinny for me from last year.  The original was published in an article in Somerset.  Trudi made the most incredible envelope (dark blue).  A lovely hand made card, small hand made sketchbook, an ATC and ATC backgrounds and envelopes!  Rather a nice parcel wouldn't you say!?
Thanks so much Trudi, love them all


Playing with fibers

This was one of my experiments that I decided to make into a skinny (4x8).  The background is needlefelted by machine then practice beading from Lisa Walton's online class.  Had fun with this one.
I believe there are some issues with leaving comments on my blog.  I appreciate your comments and am looking into this problem. 


Bright ideas!

I know I've mentioned before that I fairly frequently come up with these what I think at the time are GREAT ideas!  I picked up various colours of yarns at the thrift store weeks ago and came up with this BRIGHT idea of making granny squares.  What was I thinking!?  The idea was to make one a day - what would I do with them? - who knows, maybe a pillow, throw for outside???  
After about 30 or so, decided it wasn't such a great idea after all....
They are going to the thrift store..... 
What happened to May anyway!
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