I think we could all use a little spring!  I planted some pots over the weekend as the SUN actually came out! 
We had an area of the garden under a tree that not much grew so decided to add rocks a year or so ago.  This past winter we trimmed the branches of an evergreen up so the area could have more sun.  Decided to create a vignette with some broken pots, a hosta I divded and potted and an old rotting wheelbarrow retrieved from one of our neighbours.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.
What can I say, my favourite part of the garden....



I recently swapped a selection of ribbons and trims with Susy who I met through the CQ International yahoo group.  We had both participated in a group swap and then decided to do a second personal swap.  This is what arrived in the mail last week.  Must admit, it put a BIG smile on my face! 
Thank you for your generosity Susy!  I have a feeling you'll be seeing some of these in various upcoming stitching projects. 
It has been a busy television week what with watching Oprah's final shows and the finale of both Biggest Loser and Idol.  I know some of you watch these shows also and hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.  Such talent on Idol, will look forward to watching Lauren and Scotty's careers unfold along with many of the other very talented rising stars.     


Crazy postcard

A short time ago I posted about some crazy quilt postcards I had played around with.  There was a lovely article in Crazy Quilt Gatherings, Pat Winter's magazine, by Lilla.  The second edition is out now.  
This is the second of six postcards I completed.  Leftover bits of fabrics and trims.
Fast and easy!


Thrift treasures

I hope those of you who had a holiday long weekend enjoyed it!  I sure did.  I did manage a quick trip last week to the thrift store and picked up this lovely embroidered linen piece - oh, I can just picture it in a crazy quilt block. 
I also managed to find a box of hankies - brand new, not even opened.  Interestingly, I visited a couple of other stores after this and had these hankies in a bag.  I thought the sales staff in both stores had on pretty heavy doses of perfume.  Low and behold, turns out it was my "scented" hankies.  They went into the wash on arrival home...... 


For sale!

Over the last number of weeks I've been cleaning up the studio and have decided to sell some of my completed fabric collages.  "Fly" is the first of these I'm offering at $50.00US plus the cost of shipping.  The collage measures 20" x 16" and has a small pocket at the back for hanging with a dowel.  I've used paper, muslin, damask, printed cottons and various bits and pieces.  
If any of you are interested, please email me directly. 
As this is a holiday weekend, I'll be back again on Tuesday.    



Several weeks ago I was asked to teach a mini workshop at a local stamping group.  I wanted to do something a little different as most of the ladies make cards but do various other art related projects.  I had the idea of making charms which could be attached to gifts or used as Christmas ornaments hanging from a tree - something fun that wouldn't take up a lot of time.  I started with an oval chipboard base, covered it with paper, attached a bottlecap, some paper shavings and a glass nugget.  The clock above is a little button. 
Lots of things those of you who are into scrapbooking might have on hand. 


Dyeing experiments

It all started with some yarn I picked up at the thrift store!  I wasn't sure of the content but it looked to have at least a component of cotton so decided to experiment.  Later this summer I'm going to be taking a workshop dyeing yarn with Elin Noble so at that point, I'll learn more about some of the mistakes I made!
Having said that, here is how some turned out.
Don't you just love the colours!
Thought you might like a close up of one I had done with leftover dye. 
Now, what to do with them!!!!  Hmmmmm.....


Fabric collage

Am a bit late posting this am due to blogger issues but better late than not at all!
One of my recent fabric mini collages in a card size.  Background is an upholstery fabric which just happens to be a scrap from my dining room chairs.  Layers of patterned cotton, muslin stamped and dyed laces.  I squeezed in a few French knots in the corners.  Fast and fun to do.
Why don't you give one a try this weekend!!!


Crazy quilt blocks

I was very inspired the last several weeks with blog posts popping up on various blogs about the recent CQ Adventure in Conneticut hosted by Maureen Greeson.  
As a result, I've been constructing a variety of CQ blocks paying closer attention to a variation in fabrics - texture, content, pattern and colour.  I would have liked to have more value variation in the block but regretfully did not have light colours in a similar hue so I went with what I had.  I can work with lighter threads instead in some areas.    
  I think these will become a binder cover which I am in the process of designing.  I've used silks, satins, cottons and velvet.  I'll be keeping you updated with my progress.    


Dyeing experiments

I picked up some damask napkins at the thrift store some time ago.  I'm never sure of the fabric content hence am unsure whether they will hold the colour when dyed.  I'm really delighted with the results so plan to pick up more of these - they are rare!
I've included the before above so you can see what they looked like.  I used some bits in constructing a crazy quilt block recently. 
Here is another style, again picked up at the thrift store.  You can see they've absorbed the dye differently, more pastel.
Thought we could all use a little colour today..... 


Is it spring yet!?

I haven't been doing much digital of late which I find I am missing.  I managed to capture this image of a butterfly in the garden one day several years back.  A situation - the right place the right time!  I've used various blending modes and layers to create this digital version. 
I'm hoping for some "warm" weather SOON!  The sun has been intermittent but it is remaining cool. 
Thank all who left such lovely comments about my ATC.
On another note, I'm an Idol fan - isn't the talent incredible this year.  I am not sure who will win...
Enjoy your weekend.



An ATC to share today! 
I don't often work with blues but as I had some bits and pieces in my scrap bin decided it was time to use them up.
Received some Rainbow Gallery petite braid I ordered last week yesterday so plan to experiment with some stitching with this today.  I've been sorting through my fabric the last several days so have a box for giveaway then ended up sewing up a number of crazy quilt blocks with various scraps for practicing.    


Studio organization

I posted last month about a fiber swap I had participated in.  This is the stash that arrived at that time.  Always a challenge figuring out how to organize our "stuff".  I decided to wrap them on chipboard so they could go in my fiber drawer posted about here.
These are the organized results. 
Have also included my dyed silk ribbon wrapped on floss cards.  This is working well for me. 
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