Crazy Quilt Block #3

This is the third completed block in my ongoing crazy quilt project.  I have accidentally deleted the "before" photo so apologies.  I was practicing some ribbon flowers on this one.  Once I decide what this project will become (21 blocks) I'll likely add more embellishing. 
I will be taking a blog break until mid April.  Look forward to catching up with all of you then! 


Two more sleeps....

I have Paris on the brain - two more sleeps!
I spent the weekend constructing my travel journal.  I rarely do much last minute but I had a really difficult time figuring out how or if I wanted to construct one.  After visiting various blogs last week inspiration finally struck!  I'll be putting on the finishing touches today. 



I thought I would leave you with a lovely selection of fibers for the weekend.  This is what I received from a swap I recently participated in with the Crazy Quilt International yahoo group - FANTASTIC!  They have certainly inspired me - do they inspire you!?
Enjoy your weekend!


More backgrounds

Some more backgrounds today all done with colour washes and stencils on glossy paper. 
I find completing backgrounds is fun and relaxing.  No plans, just see what happens!



An ATC to share today.  Muslin background with various bits and pieces including some hand dyed cheesecloth. 
My dyeing experiments continue.


Needle felting

I was playing around with some machine needle felting recently and came up with this - just love the colour combos.  I used black felt as the background and layered various scrap threads, yarns and rovings.  The final layer is lightly felted hand dyed cheesecloth.  Once it was complete, I made this
It holds my camera!
It was a glorious day yesterday, the sun was out and it was relatively warm considering the low temps we have been experiencing.  I gather the remainder of the week is dismal.


Studio organization

Part of my studio clean up and re-organization!  I've had this drawer of yarns which had become rather difficult to close - dilemma what to do!  Most of it with the odd exception has come from thrift finds so various bits and pieces.  I recently participated in a fiber swap and I wrapped the fibers I sent on a tag.  This is how the drawer looks now, quite a transformation!
How did I accomplish it!?  I cut some chipboard I had in lengths to fit the drawer and wrapped the yarns around them trying to coordinate colours somewhat.  Much easier access and it is visual appealing as well!
Love it when a plan comes together!
A very busy dyeing weekend - yarns, threads, ribbons, laces and fabric....



A couple of weekends ago I attended a local workshop on felted vessels.  I've not done wet felting other than experimenting on my own and have wanted to learn for some time.  We had lots of fun.  This is my creation.  Haven't decided whether I'll bead it or even if I'll keep it like it is - may end up wetting it and creating something else.  Who knows.....
Ursula Bentz taught the class.  She has won a number of awards for her felted clothing - quite stunning...
Have been dyeing silk ribbon this week and experimenting with dyeing some wool with varied results.
DH and I have been watching American Idol - isn't the talent incredible this year!?


I recently picked up a Kindle for my upcoming trip.  About a month ago I sat with one of my friends on the ferry and she had received one for Christmas.  I couldn't believe how SMALL it is.  After checking out all the cases on site, decided I would make one temporarily.  I'll likely pick up something more substantial once I know what I really want. 
The back has a small pocket to hold the cord. 
I wanted it to be colourful so I can't miss it!!!!
My computer is up and running again after a four day absence - thank goodness!



During my studio purge, I came across some glossy paper in larger sheets.  Now, what to do - BACKGROUNDS.  I started playing with colourwashes in several layers.  Quite interesting results.  I'll probably use these for future mail art.
Currently am having computer problems  - a virus!!!  Fortunately I have my laptop.


Mail art

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments about my upcoming trip.  I do plan to take lots of photos and hopefully have some good stories to tell. 
I mailed out my OWOH parcels early last week and thought I'd share my mail art.  Some are using manilla file folders painted while others are made from the paper that was underneath when I was painting.  I've trimmed the edges with gaffer tape.  Can't quite believe it is already March! 
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