In a little over two weeks I am off for my great adventure to yes, you guessed it PARIS!  I am quite excited as this will be my first trip there.  I'm heading off on my own and meeting up with a small group.  My boys (the two legged and four legged one) will no doubt be bonding during my absence.  Don't feel sorry for the two legged one as he is off fishing in the early summer. 
The focus of the tour is flea marketsshopping and food, not necessarily in this order.  I'll be spending the time with seven women on a customized tour focusing on our individual interests.  Lots of walking as well as taking the metro.  
You can find out more about the tour here.
I'd love to hear from any of you who have been and may have some suggestions regarding art/textile shops etc.  You can either post here or email me directly.
Naturally, I had to make a Paris themed textile collage.         


Final heart

A short time ago I received a DVD by Helen Gibb - Beginner's Guide to Ribbonwork.  I have wanted to make some ribbon flowers for quite some time and didn't really know how.  I would recommend the DVD although I do need to practice A LOT!  
The background is dyed lace on cotton. 
Okay, enough hearts.  Onto something new next week!!!! 
I got a bit side tracked yesterday and ended up playing around with some ideas versus cleaning up the studio so I need to finish this up on the weekend.  Have some exciting news for Monday.  



Another fabric collage.  I used some of the fabric I recently rusted along with cheesecloth and various upholstery fabrics.
I neglected to mention yesterday's heart was inspired by a recent article by Janet Humphrey in Stitch.  Thank you all for your kind comments.
I had great intentions yesterday to create something but as I started to look through my stuff I ended up cleaning and purging.  I'm not finished so plan to do more today!
Enjoy your day whatever you get up to.   



I was practicing stitching and some more beading on this one!  Background is strips of lace and a crocheted doily.  It has a new home with one of my local friends. 
We've had lovely sunny, clear but cold weather of late.  I hear temps are dropping later in the week with record lows.  Remember, this would be lows for the west coast which probably seem almost balmy for some of you! 
Haven't been getting much art accomplished so far this week but plan to get to it today....



I moved onto an actual stuffed heart this time.  I completed an online beading class with Lisa Walton several weeks ago and this is one of the pieces I had experimented with.  If I can, I like to make my practice samples into something hence the heart. 
Background is machine needle felted batting with scraps of threads. 


Week of hearts

Of late, I have had hearts on my mind.  Suppose this may be something to do with Valentine's last week.  Anyway, I decided to go with it.  So, this week I have various hearts or heart embellishments to share with you.
I decided some time ago that when I send out swaps, gifts etc. I want to have a card to include in the package so have been playing around with some very simple collages that could be made into either a card or postcard.  I got a bit carried away (what else is new) and ended up making about a dozen - this is the first.
Have decided to include it today as it has a very small metal heart embellishment.... 


Crazy Quilt Gatherings

Many of you who follow my blog likely know Pat Winter.  If not, she is an extremely talented crazy quilter.  In fact, crazy quilting is her passion.  When I was researching crazy quilting last summer, I came across her blog and was hooked!  Well, Pat has published a new magazine, Crazy Quilt Gatherings.  You can purchase the magazine at MagCloud - it is also available digitally - WONDERFUL!!!
I imagine this is a monumental endeavor - thanks so much Pat!
Enjoy your weekend, perhaps it might including perusing this magazine.....     



THANK YOU to all of you who visited me with the OWOH event and a special thank you to those of you who are now following my blog. 
The winners selected via Random Generator are
Stephanie @ Dragonfly Design Studios
Nicole @ Beadwright
Marianne @ Ruffhaven
I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow!!!
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