The above digital is a result of some of the techniques I've learned in my recent Digital Magic class with Marie. The little boy is one of Terri's freebies - she shares the most wonderful png and jpg's - thank you Terri!
It's vacation time! I'll be on vacation for the month of August returning after the long weekend in September. During this time I'll be enjoying the sun, garden, pool, stitching and who knows what else! Also will be off to Colorado at KC's studio for a workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld and spending time with friends close to home. I just may manage to visit some of YOU online, my blog friends!
Enjoy and look forward to sharing more creativity this fall!


Soldered charms

I seem to be on a theme of flowers of late so thought I would share a charm I soldered some time ago. The attachment at the bottom is a one of earring I picked up at the thrift store.

I spent part of yesterday visiting my friend Lynda's studio so not much in the way of art accomplished. I always find it so inspiring to see other's spaces and all the goodies in the "stash". She is a weaver/spinner/surface design/fabric artist!

I have joined a new yahoo group through the Crazy Quilt International blog. Thought I would share the blog link for those of you who may be interested. I spent some time yesterday in the yahoo gallery - amazing stuff!


Garden album

Something a bit different today! For a number of years I've taught various scrapbook album and mixed media classes. I teach the odd class now but most of my classes involve textiles of some kind. When I was cleaning up my studio for the recent where bloggers create event, I came across this mini album with a garden theme that I taught several years ago. The album measures 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 with chipboard covers and about 6 pages created with various pockets. Decorative papers, rubber stamps, chalks, inks, mica, brads and eyelets are used. Quite a versatile album as this can be geared towards any theme.
Something different again tomorrow.....


Crazy quilting......

I am venturing into the world of crazy quilting! Now I must admit, I have experimented with backgrounds of crazy quilting in the past but I've not actually done a crazy quilt. My interest in CQ has been with me for some time and has particularly grown over the last number of months with my practice stitching. I picked up an excellent DVD workshop by Judith Baker Montano - Teaches you Crazy Quilting. I would highly recommend it - 3 hours!!!
So as everyone knows, one needs a "stash" of delectable fabrics for CQ. I found Diane's wonderful etsy and have a feeling she is thinning her stash. These bundles were an incredible $5.00!!! They arrived late last week and I am delighted. I've chosen blacks, greys and creams and will be adding these to some of my own stash. Not sure what I'll come up with but stay tuned......


In the garden.....

As I spent the majority of time this weekend in my garden, I thought it appropriate to share some garden photos of what is in bloom currently. I have been experimenting with various flower photos for future use in digital work.
The weather is glorious here at present although I must admit temperatures are cooler at night which is wonderful for sleeping but resembling fall nights more than summer nights. I've had some mail arrive so I'll be sharing this tomorrow.
Get creative.....
Thank you all for your very kind comments about my skinny!



This little skinny arrived in Germany this week for Viola! Since July is a summer month I always think of the beach so hence "Summer Breeze".
The background is hand dyed fabric in pale turquoise (one of Viola's favourite colours) with glitter and distress powder applied. The glitter represents the reflection of the water and the distress powder, the waves. Scraps of hand dyed cheesecloth and cotton complete the background with some additional glitter. A sheer pocket was created with organza and is filled with a mini sand dollar (I used to collect these when I was little) and some glass glitter. Two starfish were attached with a starfish charm and finally a scrap of printed organza with the title.

The back of the skinny is a digital version of the theme on cotton with fabric scrap applied to the edges. The front and back were satin stitched with the addition of some fuzzy yarn (think seaweed). I really enjoyed making this one as it brought back lots of memories of childhood summer's at the beach. I'm pleased as Viola likes it too. I sure am enjoying this skinny swap!

Perhaps some of you will be spending time at the beach this weekend creating future memories.



More Digital Magic today with Marie's online class. This lesson was all about making custom brushes and playing with brushes. The original mimosa photo in the bottom left is courtesy of Elizabeth. Isn't it beautiful!? Thank you for sharing this Elizabeth.
Currently we are on the last week of this class. However, I have more to share in the coming weeks from the various projects I've been working on. Marie's second class begins in August for those that are interested. I'd encourage you to check it out.


I found the yellow so appealing of these gerbera's that I just had to pick them up. There is something about having flowers around the house that makes me smile!
I spent part of yesterday organizing some threads. After some research, I found these thread keepers and thought they would be the perfect thing to hang my threads. Nice visual impact with all the colours too. Annie's thread keepers can be found here if you are interested.
I'm going to play digitally today and see what comes up.


I seem to remember it has been some time since I posted a thrift find. I generally visit our thrift stores weekly and sometimes I find some treasures and other times nothing. One never knows.....
Last week I found these two tablecloths. The one in the back is a large rectangular tablecloth which has stains but I plan to dye it. The one on top I purchased for the cutouts.
No art yesterday so will have to see what I can get into today!


I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. The weather was glorious here so I spent the majority of time outside versus inside. I'm currently working on practice stitching on a crazy patch block. I should be finished this particular block sometime this week so will post once it is complete.
Thought I would share two ATC's today. Both use textiles and paper.

I also spent some time over the weekend organizing and sorting supplies for an upcoming workshop in August with Judy Wilkenfeld.
Will see what I get up to today!!!



More samples of my Digital Magic online workshop with Marie. We've been learning how to use camera raw. Amazing what some adjustments can do! I got a bit carried away with the vibrancy of the sunset photo above but couldn't help myself.
This sample is more subtle and is taken at a waterfront resort a short distance from us.
I plan to enjoy my weekend in the sun - hope you enjoy yours! Stay cool....



I've been experimenting with my needle felting machine for my Embellish Stitch Enrich online workshop with Dale. The samples above use cheesecloth, silk and wool rovings and felt. Not sure at this point what they may become but will see.
I spent most of yesterday outside but plan to scan and alter some photos for an upcoming workshop in August today. Also need to get busy with some more digital. What are you up to today?



Had a busy day in the city yesterday - lots of shopping - not for the studio! I just made it on the 2:15 ferry which was late - I was the LAST car! I live on a peninsula which is a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver.
This arrived in the mail on Friday - my skinny swap for June from Hermine. Didn't she do an amazing job! Another lovely addition. I am really enjoying this swap - can hardly wait to see what arrives next.....
We've had lots of wind for the last day and a half so will have to clean up the backyard today. Some errands this am then some digital.

Enjoy your day!


Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. The weather was glorious here so only a little time spent on art related activities.
When I do trades, I always like to have a card to include in the package. Last week I showed a couple of fiber art postcards so this week I thought I'd make up one as a textile collage. "Sweet Friend" is layers of scrap textiles with a postcard stitched to the back. Not sure what part of the world this will end up in...... Am off to the big city today for a day trip.



About time I had something to show for all my practice stitching! One of my blog friends, Judy in Australia is always so inspirational. I visited her blog last week and she had been stitching crazy quilt hearts. As I had been practicing stitching on a block, I thought what better way to put it to use. So here is my heart, kind of an odd shaped heart but I like it that way. I have a ways to go with the stitching am still practicing..... Thank you for the inspiration Judy!
It was a hot one yesterday and forecast is for heat through the weekend.
Stay cool and enjoy your weekend!



I have mail! Recently there was a special sale so picked up the three DVD's below of the Quilting Arts series which arrived a few weeks back. I still haven't watched all of the segments.

The photo below is of a coaster set I received from one of my girlfriends for my birthday way back in January! I had intentions of posting this months ago but forgot! Does Lois know me or what!!!! I've never seen anything like them before.... Until tomorrow.....



I thought I'd share a few more examples of what I am learning in my online Digital Magic class with Marie Otero today.

The example above is an image with texture applied. The example below is removing colour and adding it back to only a portion of the image.

Can't believe how much I am learning in this class. Marie is offering a second class starting in August for those of you who may be interested.
Am off to practice some stitching today and likely more digital.....


We had a glorious day yesterday and forecast is for fabulous weather ALL week! Looks good for today. Yehhhh! I end up in the garden a lot on days that are nice. Have a hard time staying inside. I see the east is having a heat wave - hope you are keeping cool my friends!
Thought I would share two ATC's I made up late last year. Simple is a combination of textiles and paper while Inspire is textiles only.
Enjoy your day whatever you get up to and stay cool!

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