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I'm a happy camper! Finally, this is uploaded! Wonders never cease. If you would like to watch it in HD, please go to

RODJ1 from Creative Daily on Vimeo.
I'll try to be less long winded next time. That's me with the funny Canuck accent.....
This is the first of three Remains of the Day Journals from an online class with Mary Ann Moss. Check out
Mary Ann's blog to learn more about this great class. Lots of fun!
Enjoy your weekend, back on Monday!

Some ATC's to share today! Both have a crazy quilt fabric pieced background. Various bits and pieces of laces, beads and trims. Images are from Lisa's altered art. If anyone is interested in trading ATC's, please contact me - I'd be delighted!
Filmed two journal videos yesterday and attempted uploading without success so will proceed again today. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
Working on some binder covers and have been organizing various upcoming classes in my home studio. Have a class this morning teaching how to create your own word sheets, collage sheets etc on the computer. Should be fun......


Our beautiful sunny but cool weather has disappeared. Woke up to a dreary very rainy day this am. But, it's a good art day as I always say!
I finished up putting together the remaining luscious layers bundles yesterday. Thought I would share my pile of doilies all dyed, a very colourful array if I do say so. A minimum of one doily goes into each bundle and usually there are up to three per bundle.
I cleaned up the studio and got ready to film my video which will show my journals only to find the battery on my camcorder had died - grrrrrr. So will get this done today instead. I did manage a bit of play time and have been working on some felted embellishments using scraps.
Hope you enjoy your "arty" day and chat again tomorrow!


I mentioned yesterday that I'd been busy in the studio surface designing various fabrics and trims over the weekend. Well, you can see all the fabrics prepared above for my luscious layers bundles. I spent the day putting together new bundles, photographing and listing in the shop. The second photo shows one of several new bundles listed in my Etsy. I just love all the COLOUR!!!
I've been using my bread machine again. It had been up in the cupboard for quite some time and decided it was time to start using it again. This is a multi grain loaf I made to have with my soup for lunch yesterday! Wish you could have smelled it, the steam is still rising..... yum...
Watched The Bachelor last evening - better than a soap opera! Also managed to watch the ice dance last evening. Wonderful competition and I always love to see the costumes as these give me inspiration for new projects.
Plan to clean up my very messy studio today and finally get started on some new stuff. Happy creating!


Good morning! Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. We had some lovely weather here - cool, clear and sunny.
Look what arrived in the mail last week - Trudi's skinny for me entitled "The Duck Whisperer"! Isn't it wonderful? It is partially digital with embellishments added - beads, laces, charms and stitching. The tag on the right was in a lace pocket on the back. I LOVE it Trudi! Also included in my package were some fabulous papers from a stamp catalogue. I have an idea for these.
I ended up spending almost the entire weekend surface designing fabric and laces for my etsy. I'll be photographing and packaging today. Then, I can clean up my studio and start to play again. Enjoy your day.



I am participating in an international skinny swap and completing one skinny per month through October this year for six participants. This is the skinny I completed for Viola for February. It is entitled "Let Your Heart Soar" with a theme of hearts for Valentine's. The background is a dyed damask napkin. The branch is stitched yarn and the leaves are ribbon. The hearts are transfer dyed nylon sheers and fabric paper. Various laces, feathers and scraps from the studio were used. The image is from Lisa's altered art. It measures 4x8 inches. I'll share my skinny from Trudi next week!
Busy day in the studio yesterday completing my journal cover so I need to sew in the signatures today. Lots of painted fabric in various stages. I'll need to give my studio a good clean this weekend.
Hope some of you are enjoying the Olympic coverage. We are having beautiful weather - sunny days and cool evenings with a lovely sunset last evening. It is fun to see the media coverage of my home town Vancouver!
Enjoy your weekend and chat Monday....



I generally make the time to drop into our local hospital auxillary thrift store and the Salvation Army store at least once a week. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a small bag of "one of's" shown above. I plan to take the bracelet apart and will use the bits in some collage. I really like cameos and was very surprised to see that little gem in there. Brooches with pearls - my favourites! I came across the lacey tablecloth and thought this would be an excellent addition to collage work so plan to likely tea stain it.
Have been surface designing some new fabrics for my etsy, experimenting somewhat as always. Several in varying stages at present. Also working on another journal cover. I do plan to complete my video once this third journal cover is finished and will be posting it.
Get creative today!


During my blog break, I did some reading. Above is the latest edition of Art Doll and Journaling by Somerset. Don't you just love the cover of the Quilting Arts - so bright and colourful - definitely catches your eye. Last but not least, the new Ruth Rae book Layered, Tattered and Stitched. There are some wonderful projects in this book. I love the way Ruth uses various fabrics, paints and stitch. Plan to experiment with this.
I ended up spending very little time in the studio yesterday after all. I spent most of the day researching some travel options for DH and I. I did play with a pattern for a heart shaped oven mitt that I had seen at a friend's home recently. Well, it didn't turn out well! Have to try something different today!


I'm going to start today with sharing a photo of some belated birthday presents I received from a couple of art friends. Donna created the felt flower and included in her package some beautiful fine "vintage" laces - I'll be saving these for something special! I think that flower may look pretty good on one of my journal covers. Deb made me the earrings and including some metal letters. Thank you both for these lovely gifts! What a surprise.....
Over the last several weeks while visiting various new blogs, I have spent some time in the studio re-organizing trying to create more space for my ever growing stash of supplies. I'll be sharing some photos in upcoming posts.
After many requests locally, I have resumed teaching the odd class. I started with a computer class which outlines the basics of finding your way around blogs, where to get your inspiration, purchasing on etsy, paypal, flickr - the VERY basics for those who are not all that familiar with what the computer has to offer. The class was very successful and well received. All the ladies headed out inspired. I have a feeling ALL will be shopping for some good stuff!
Plan to play in the studio today and need to make a couple of small videos of some projects I've been working on.
Enjoy your day.



I'M BACK!!!!

I have had an incredibly busy and adventurous three weeks visiting blogs all around the globe with the One World One Heart event! I only managed to get about half way through the list but I do plan to continue. Imagine, over 1000 bloggers participated!

I want to thank all of you who visited my blog and the many very kind comments that were left. A special thank you to all those who have signed up to follow my art adventures here. I hope you enjoy what you see and please remember, I love to receive comments and ALWAYS respond.

So, the winner of "Remember" is Sharon from livewirejewelry selected by random generator! Congratulations Sharon, I do hope you like it!

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day! I'll be back tomorrow to share what I've been up to during my absence! Chat then.......

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