Don't you just love getting mail! Always surprises inside and just look at the goodies that arrived Friday. I won a blog giveaway from Judith who is a doll artist in Australia. She has discontinued her blog but you can see her work at There is considerable detail in her work so click on the photo to enlarge. She included a lovely little kit to make a bead angel which is shown in the second photo - very fun to whip up! Thank you so much Judith!
In town on Friday running errands and shopping. We ended up missing the 5:30 ferry home due to volume so were on the 7:20 instead which made for a long day. Did accomplish a lot though.
We had a Christmas weekend, visiting friends, helping put up a tree and putting up our own. It looks lovely and smells even better.
I came across a wonderful site recently that offers video tutorials on embroidery - pop over and take a look at I've been practicing!
So, for the remainder of the week I'm going to share various Christmas ideas using buttons - stay tuned!!!



A digital card created for my American friends celebrating Thanksgiving today! Digital elements used are by Irena Alexeeva.
I spent the day in the studio yesterday stitching several projects in varying stages of completion. I also worked in my sketchbook with some ideas for an upcoming skinny book exchange I am participating in.
Last week I shared various ideas for using blocks as Christmas decorations. Next week, I'm going to share ideas for BUTTONS! I'll be sharing a new project each day - lots of fun.
Will not be posting tomorrow as I will be in Vancouver but back again Monday. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends! We have much to be thankful for........


Two ATC's to share today! These are some of the first ones I did and am pleased to say they are improving but thought I would share anyway! Images are from Lisa's altered art. I played in the studio yesterday. Decided to make another Christmas project with one of the samples I had done several months ago. Will finish this up today. Did a bit of online shopping and am putting together a list for the city as we will head in later this week. Finishing up a digital piece I put together. Lastly, I am practicing some hand stitching and found a wonderful site that has video stitch tutorials. Otherwise not much else happening so will leave it at that for now.
Enjoy your day!


Over the last number of weeks I've spent some time surfing the net for new ideas for Christmas. I came across this tutorial for a paper wreath. Shortly after, I saw a post on Dawn's blog about it as well. I decided to make a ball instead of a wreath. I used a very small 3 inch styrofoam ball, a portion of a newer pocket dictionary and a couple of sticks of glue! I spray painted the outside edges of the book with black, added some ribbon and a glitter snowflake. The whole project only took about an hour and a bit. Having said this, I did have a few burns from the glue gun! Don't you think these would be wonderful inexpensive wedding decorations!! I can imagine a cluster in varying sizes.... Fun!
Not sure what I'll get up to today........


Christmas cheer!

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend! A mosaic of photos of the B&K Christmas Open House I attended last Thursday. B&K is a local nursery and they do a wonderful Christmas display.
Busy weekend on the computer with minimal time spent in the studio. I finally got around to organizing various papers for collage etc. These have been cluttering a countertop in my laundry room where I do a lot of my "wet" work. DH put up our outside Christmas lights (yes, we are the first in the neighbourhood) which look lovely. We won't have them on much until the end of the month but certainly enjoyed them last evening.
Will be in the studio today completing various Christmas projects that are underway.
It's Christmas in our house!!!!!!


Something a bit different today!
A few weeks ago I decided to clean up a lot of samples of unfinished projects I had laying about the studio. The first two photos show samples of techniques of printing onto fabric I had completed in my City & Guilds course back in 2006. For those of you interested you can see my gallery here. The samples were fused to a muslin backing and sandwiched (as in quilting) with a layer of batting between. Edges were satin stitched.
The next photo was simply smaller strips of fabric sewn together to create a larger piece of fabric and the last was a piece of fabric I dyed that I found hard to cut up in little pieces as this would lose the pattern. I love the way the yellow and red combined when dyeing.
I experimented with using an old wool blanket I had picked up at the thrift store as the batting - it worked very well!
I'll have some Christmas open house photos to share with you next week.
Hope you do something fun this weekend!


Not exactly a thrift store find....

During my shopping ventures earlier this week, look what I came across! They are a set of vintage blocks and although I certainly don't need them, I couldn't resist as I've been on a block kick of late. So, they will be decorating my studio shelving very shortly. All the blocks have lettering on one side with an object image on the other. So, enough of blocks this week, will be moving onto something different tomorrow.
Finished designing our Christmas card for 2009 digitally and printed up a couple of samples. Bob and I will compose our letter this weekend and will likely have this printed directly on the card - we don't send all that many anymore - seems to be more of a "times gone by" practice. One trend I have noticed is that more and more friends are making their cards and I always look forward to seeing what they come up with.
Am off to two Christmas open houses today at local stores and finishing up some projects I had seen online yesterday - always curious to see how they will turn out!
That's it until tomorrow.......


on the theme of blocks.....

Since I appear to be on the theme of "blocks", I have included a soldered cube I put together for a potential class last Christmas which didn't go. This could easily be converted to an ornament by soldering an attachment to the top. Digital borders on my photos are by Sande Krieger.
I spent most of yesterday in the studio working on some projects I had found online. There is an amazing amount of inspiration in blog land! I did come across a site during my travels that offers 25 card videos at - might want to check these out.
I also worked on my Visual Poetry digital photomanipulation class for a short time. This is an excellent class and I would most definitely recommend it. Susan's videos are clear and concise accompanied by notes for future reference.
Am back in the studio today to get in some more trouble......


This year I have decided to go with a more natural theme in my seasonal decorations. I read an article in the new Christmas Ideas magazine by BH&G by Benjamin Bradley, an interior designer in New York. He utilized many of his personal collection of books and china for his display, not necessitating purchasing specific Christmas items and sticks to his colour scheme already existing in his home. Don't know why I didn't think of this previously! Our living areas in the house are green hence the reason the blocks were covered in a green print and have chosen copper as my accent colour.
The first photo shows a portion of my mantle as it is not complete - I'll be showing the full mantle later this week or early next as I'm tweaking it. I've used the blocks to raise objects for height variation - some are visible and others are hidden. I've stamped one of the blocks with the word home in the front.
The second photo shows a portion of my santa collection and again have used some of the blocks to raise specific santas. The sitting santa sits on a block which blends well into the vignette - you can hardly tell it is there!
As I worked on this over the weekend, I had more ideas for using blocks (what else is new!?). You guessed it, more blocks are being cut so will be working on these over the next day or so. I'm very pleased DH decided to keep the leftover fence posts!



I must apologize that this is a "teaser". By the time I went to photograph my block project, my camera battery required recharging so will have a post for you tomorrow on the current blocks.
So, decided to show you the set of blocks I submitted for publication to Somerset last year. The small block was published in last year's Holiday and Celebrations. The blocks started out as a 4x4 fence post cut in graduated squares but with the top edge routered. They are then covered with scrapbook paper, edges are antiqued/painted, stamps and embellishments applied as desired. After I completed these, I got the idea for the little ornaments that I posted about the week before last. The possibilities are endless with this very inexpensive option for home decor and really lend themselves to holiday decorations. Let your imagination go! In fact, I have even MORE ideas for these now.......
Our local sewing store had a demo day on Saturday - capabilities of all the sewing machines were demonstrated and we could experiment as desired. I can hardly believe that some of the elaborate embroidery machines cost close to $10,000!!!! I played with one of the embellishing machines which does machine needle felting - oh what fun! I've been considering one for awhile but am hesitant as I'm not sure how much I'd use it so will ponder and research a bit more. If any of my readers have one, I'd love to hear your comments.
We are experiencing our November rains at present. Here on the coast, we experience severe wind and rain storms. Had one ALL night - what a racket, so consequently I was awake at 4:30 a.m.!!! Oh well, will be in bed early tonight.
Art Doll Quarterly arrived several weeks ago so am finally getting a chance to review it.
From my home to yours, HO HO HO!



Christmas preparations are underway here! I've shown the before and after photos here. Yes, they are a bunch of blocks. Actually, they are left over bits of 4x4 fence posts cut in varying heights. I spray painted them a copper colour then covered them with scrapbook paper and spray painted the edges again with paint. What will I use them for - ahhh, you'll have to check back on Monday to find out! You know I have to keep you in suspense.......
Sent off some parcels yesterday from my blog draw, ran errands and printed up some Christmas tags I had been working on. We are in the middle of a severe wind and rain storm outside so I'll keep my post brief today as we have a tendency for power outages during these.
Enjoy your weekend and will chat again Monday...



My thrift store finds have dwindled the last number of weeks except for the above mixed bag of jewelry. Every once and awhile there is a bag of one of's and broken pieces so am never sure what the contents will turn up. Some I keep and the remaining that I know are more contemporary than I want I return. Most of you know by now that I love bees (My Mom's nickname was Bee) and this is part of my logo. I was delighted to find that little brooch - have to figure out where to use it now.....
As we are approaching the festive season, I'll be starting to share Christmas decorations, ideas and projects. Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year hence I start early, the day after Remembrance Day! That means today the decorations come out and I start! Bob gets into the spirit as well - it rubbed off through the years and he indulges me. I decorate my studio too! I started designing digital Christmas cards yesterday - am having lots of fun so will be sharing these as they are completed.
HO HO HO!!!!



A day of reflection remembering all of those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy. My thoughts are with all of the service men and women stationed all over the globe and to their families. Thank you!

"Remember is a 5x7" digital collage created with digital kits by Irena Alexeeva and Katie Pertiet.


I've got mail.......

Instead of sharing my own work today, I thought I would share with you a giveaway I recently won as well as some art I purchased from a very talented artist, Marsha @ Tumblefish Studio last month.
The top photo shows the ephemera package I won on her blog giveaway - quite an array of lovely goodies. I've already scanned some for digital work and will have fun using the remainder in upcoming art pieces. Didn't she do a beautiful job of packaging? The bottom photo shows the original collage I purchased (8x10) along with a package of postcards and two limited edition prints (5x7). The original collage is absolutely amazing - the detail astounding. Marsha cuts each piece and glues it down to create her characters as well as background and embellishments. I LOVE THEM MARSHA! Thank you so much!
The caption reads "scientists say there is a tiny drop of mercury in our brains that gives us a sense of direction. But the truth is, it is the heart that leads the way".
I spent the day yesterday on the computer working on a challenging very special digital piece that I will share at a future date - this one is a suprise.....
Onto some other digital work today and in the studio to get in some more trouble!
Have fun whatever you decide to do! Welcome to my new followers.....


I'M BACK!!!!

Good morning everyone! I woul like to thank all of you that participated in my giveaway last week once again. You will find the winners name in the post below. Welcome to my new followers. I hope I can inspire you as much as all of you inspire me!

So, have had a busy week creatively. The above projects were on the slide show I had created for my Luscious Layers bundles but I wanted to include the photos and explain them a little. The first two photos show a binder cover created from a selection of the surface designed bundles. This is now my idea book.
The last three photos are a notepad cover created with scraps of the bundle fabrics woven together. These were strips that were leftover and rather fun to play with. The idea for the notebooks is from Michelle. She is a very talented and creative artist with many paper/card ideas so you just might like to visit her blog to see what she is up to. Thanks Michelle!

Back again tomorrow with more completed projects. Have fun whatever you get up to today!
Oops, accidentally deleted my signature.


Hi everyone! DH just completed my blog giveaway draw! The lucky winners are from all over the world!
They are (drum roll.....)
Jocelyne from Switzerland - Planete
Donna from the US - Layers
Marie from Australia - Ozstuff
Congratulations to each of you! I do hope you enjoy your Luscious Layers.
I would appreciate it if you would contact me via email to let me know your mailing information.
Thank you to all of you who have visited my blog and new etsy Luscious Layers and have helped me celebrate my 100th post! Thank you to all my new followers!
I'll be back tomorrow morning with regular posts!

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