Today is the day! I've opened my new Etsy store - Luscious Layers! What are Luscious Layers?! They are bundles of surface designed repurposed textiles and trims. Each bundle is unique and all the fabric swatches are ONE OF A KIND! All the texiles are multiple layers of dyed, painted, stenciled, batik or screen printed techniques with patterns ranging from subtle to bold.
The creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Mixed media artists - what about ATC's. Crazy quilters will find the bundles enhance any project. Fiber artists will find many uses such as book covers or wall art. Journaling artists will love the juicy colours to add to your next journal page. Doll artists - what about costuming!
I'M CELEBRATING by having a GIVEAWAY! This post will remain up for the next week. If you are a follower I will enter your name TWO times for a chance to win. If you leave a comment on this post, you get an extra chance. AND if you link up to my blog with a give-away post on your blog, I'll add TWO more chances to win! I'll draw THREE lucky winners and announce the winners on Monday November 9th!
What do you win - a Luscious Layers mixed bundle!



The story! Awhile back I arrived in the parking lot of the thrift store with a box to donate. A woman and her husband were unloading boxes of things from their vehicle as I passed by and sitting by her feet - this wonderful birdcage. I'm containing myself here... conversation went - "so, are you donating the birdcage" (be cool Lowie) "yes, did you want it?" (be still my racing heart) "oh yes, I'd love it" - "it's yours - here". (I continued to keep my cool but bubbling with excitement inside). I had the biggest grin on my face! My enthusiasm erupted on arrival home. My DH chuckled and said - reminds me of the Ikea commercial - start the car, start the car - too funny.

I started by re-painting the cage cream which I felt blended too much and since I needed a little contrast, decided to spray it black (DH suggestion) which looks much better in the new location. Hanging from the bottom are my ribbons which I store on ribbon rings and inside are some bird nests. At the top inside of the cage are some candy lights which are fantastic! At night this gives a lovely soft glow in the room - sometimes I like to just sit there and enjoy the ambiance!
Enjoy your day!



Look what arrived in the mail yesterday! Somerset Studio. Am very excited that one of my submissions has been published. The block ornaments on the upper right corner are mine. They are very easy to make and quite fun. I purchased the blocks in varying sizes at Michael's then covered them with decorative christmas scrapbook paper. I added some stamps then added an eye hook. The chains are from my thrift store finds. Lots more possibilities here. What about making fabric blocks or painting the blocks with a background design followed by stamping. If you decide to make some, I'd love it if you sent me a photo!
At the end of the week I'll be revealing my surprise followed by a celebration and giveaway so stay tuned.....


Several months ago I participated in a corset swap with the Altered Art Obsession yahoo group. These arrived in the mail yesterday! What a great job all the girls did! Trudi and I also ended up exchanging an additional corset. The second photo is the one I sent her. Will have to ponder how I will bind these...hmmmmm.
I am looking forward to the clocks changing soon as it is so dark in the morning I'm having a hard time waking up!
So, more studio time today. Will see what my muse comes up with.....


Very productive weekend in the studio! I worked on various backgrounds and have several projects underway which I will share when they are complete. I spent some time catching up on various blogs. So much inspiration! Since there were lots of fall and Halloween posts, I decided to do some fall backgrounds. Both the above are completed using the same colours. The first photo is a cereal box and the second is fabric cloth - a muslin back with layers of tissue and cheesecloth. I love the way they turned out - am still thinking about what to do with both. I will be working on my Collage Dreams on Paper workshop with Nancy this week as I'm a bit behind. Also signed up yesterday for Visual Poetry which is an online workshop offered by Susan Tuttle on digital photomanipulation. As usual, lots on the go.


So, where do you find your inspiration? I find the many magazines on the market inspire me. Picked up the above two yesterday. Entertaining has wonderful table settings and some good recipes too. I always enjoy the photography as well. Where Women Create - it is so interesting to see where artists create, what kind of space, the size, decor etc. Will be looking through this more today.
Earlier this week I mentioned I had been to Button Button in Vancouver. The second photo are buttons (like I need them). I simply could not resist those bees and look at those teeny tiny ones. What really caught my eye are the ones on the bottom right - very vintage looking.
The last photo are gifts from Pat - I just love that purging! Some jewelry pieces and numbers for making clocks - these will most definitely come in handy. Thank you Pat!
Cleaning up my studio today - it's a mess followed by some projects I've had in my head. Will be taking a drive tomorrow to see the work of fibre artist Anna Hergert displayed at Fibreworks. Enjoy your weekend and chat again Monday....


Thrifty Thursday

I came across this velvet top last week at the thrift store. I've been keeping an eye out for some as I wanted to play around with some embossing for some time. Some of the black above is the velvet. The red is felt and another piece of black felt. I was pleased with the results so will be experimenting a bit more. They will make great additions to upcoming projects.
Not sure what I'll do with the molds but picked them up just in case.
Am off to visit some friends today and check out Pat's re-vamped studio.
Continue to be keeping busy dyeing textiles.


Breast Cancer Awareness

As October is breast cancer awareness month, I felt it only appropriate to share an item I purchased at an auction a couple of years ago. The artist is local and regretfully, I can't recall her name. The "frame" is a black bra and all the attachments are kitchen utensils/supplies/parts. Note the molds and steamer parts. I felt the entire piece was very inventive. She did mention at the time, she could make it wearable if I wished! I couldn't quite picture myself wearing it so it sits on display in my studio.
Am busy in the dye studio these days. More to share tomorrow.... It's raining so a good art day!



I'm back! In my last post prior to my time off I mentioned it was DH's birthday. The surprise was one of his sisters and brother-in-law flew in from Ontario to surprise him for his birthday last Thursday. He was stunned versus surprised which was pretty humerous to see. We stayed two days in Vancouver then came back home for another two. They have carried on to visit Whistler and Victoria.
I managed to visit Dress Sew which is a large two floor warehouse style fabric/trim shop in downtown Vancouver. Halloween decorations and costumes abound in the store at present. I headed for the trim section to pick up various laces. Also visited Button Button which is a great button store just outside of Gastown. I know, I don't really need buttons since I got so many recently but couldn't resist a visit. Picked up some "bees"!
Have received a variety of mail during my time off from blogging both art and supplies. Will share photos in future posts. My corset swap is also in the mail so hope to receive it later this week. Can hardly wait to see what the girls put together....
Worked with my Photoshop Elements course which just finished last week. Really enjoyed this - Renee is a fabulous teacher. More classes to come in November. Why not head over and check out the site. Have also started Collage Dreams on Paper with Nancy Baumiller - might want to check this out too!
ATC above is on the way to Ontario so the family can see what I've been up to! Various fabrics and trims, image from Lisa's.
So, that's it for now. Am off to run a variety of errands this am then in the studio this afternoon. I should have a rather large SURPRISE to share by the end of this month so stay tuned.......
Thank you to my new followers who signed up during my absence!



My most recent completed textile collage entitled "Hatched". Various fabrics include silk, screen printed muslin, batting, burlap, painted cottons and canvas. Images are from Lisa's Altered Art. I really enjoyed making this one. I found it very challenging getting a respectable photo of this piece. I'm not overly happy with this one but it appears the best I could do after repeated attempts.
I will be away from blogging for the next week. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend followed by DH birthday next week. We will be in Vancouver for several days and are attending the Temptations concert with friends followed by some surprises that DH doesn't know about yet. He doesn't normally read my blog but to be on the safe side, will tell you about it on my return.
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian bloggers.
Look forward to chatting again on my return October 20th! Until then......



Thrift store finds this week - hardware! I came across this bag of hinges recently. As they were a copper shade I felt I could possibly use them in some project. I don't think I needed quite so many but there you go.... I couldn't resist the door handles and these can easily be added to various album projects or textile collages.
Completed another textile collage so will post this tomorrow. Not much creatively this week in the studio otherwise as I'm busy working on my online workshops. Will be dyeing some crochet cotton for my crazy quilt block today and plan to clean up the studio a bit - lots of fiber debris around so need to clean this up prior to the next project!
Hope you manage some creative time today.



The fall season brings the most exquisite sunsets to our part of the world, particularly on cloudy days. I have been attempting for some time to capture the colours accurately without much success. The colours were more pink than what this shows but still pretty good. I thought you might enjoy seeing it.
My Tuesday was divided between dyeing various fabrics and trims to give an "aged" appearance and working on my online workshops. I also ended up reviewing some of the studios shown on the Quilting Arts studio tour last Saturday - well worth it if you get the time.
I thought you may enjoy a brief short story. My dh and I are Dancing With The Stars fans and make a point of watching it every week. I enjoy the dancing and admire the celebs for their participation. So, yesterday morning my hubby tells me at breakfast he had a dream - he won the show! I almost fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard - tears were streaming down my face! He hardly dances at all......
Am off to see what trouble I can get into today......



Mail arrived yesterday!! Trudi sends me the most wonderful gifts. Look at how she has decorated the envelope - lovely! The second photos show all the treasures. We are both participating in a corset swap so we exchanged additional ones. She included a corset tag which is part of her corset back design - so inventive! Note the little bee. Trudi designed my blog and knows that my Mom's nickname was Bee hence the reason why bees are quite prevalent in both my blog and as a design element in much of my work. A fond memory.....
There is an ATC and card and a lovely bag of treasures to use in my art. The last photo is a draft of a piece that Trudi is working on. I love the colours! The completed version should be available on her etsy in the future. Thank you girlfriend! I love everything.
Spent the day yesterday dyeing various fabrics and trims to give an "aged" look so lots of browns. Also worked on my Photoshop course. We have a classic movie channel on television and watched Gigi last night. Lots of inspiration in the fashion in this movie!!! Enjoy your day.


Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. I ended up doing some fall cleaning and re-organizing - not planned but there you go.... As I have been doing various painting projects of late I noted I was constantly going back and forth to the laundry room where the sink is located. My studio is adjacent to the laundry room. The top photo shows my "wet studio". This is the laundry room cupboard/counter with a sheet of oilcloth over the countertop and slat wall for storage above. The sink is just to the right of this so very convenient. Cupboard is open to show where I store all of my fabric dyeing/painting supplies. I've also taken over two of the drawers in this area. This is the bottom drawer where my color washes, inks and various colouring products are now located - much more convenient. The bottom of the drawer is lined with oilcloth to hopefully protect it in case of any spills. I plan to do my painting projects here now versus in the studio! I'll be adding supplies over the next several days.
Hubby and I drove down to Point Roberts on Saturday to pick up some supplies I ordered from the U.S. I do this usually a couple of times a year and pick up products that are hard to come by here in Canada OR are particularly expensive here. I picked up the pan pastels in the last photo as well as some dyeing supplies. You can read about the pastels here. They are a very soft pastel and blend beautifully. I basically only had time to unpack them and check them a little so will be playing some more. They appear to have a soft chalk like appearance. I want to use these in future paper projects and am upcoming journaling course I am taking. Plan to experiment a bit with these today.
On our return home, we drive through a farming area on the outskirts of Vancouver so stopped at one of the local vegetable/fruit farms. Stocked up for the week. A lovely crisp fall day. Love to see all the fruits and vegetables in big bins.
Plan to work on my Photoshop course today and review my most recent crazy quilting lesson. Chat tomorrow....


A video to leave you with for the weekend to show what I have been doing with all the doilies I've been picking up at the thrift store. Worked on a variety of samples in the studio yesterday in varying stages. Plan to work on these over the weekend. I'm a bit behind on my online workshops so will be working on these also. Hope you manage something creative this weekend! Chat Monday.....



Of late I have been picking up a variety of crocheted doilies from the thrift store. Check back tomorrow to see what I'm doing with them!
Yesterday I was into one of our local sewing stores and picked up this book. The book is full of wonderful ideas for mixed media using fabrics. I just quickly reviewed it yesterday so will be experimenting today.
I spent the afternoon yesterday in the studio experimenting with my heat gun - I'll have some samples to share next week.
Good art day today - it's raining here! Enjoy your day. Thank you to some of my followers who have left such kind comments of late - always enjoy hearing from you.....

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