Gifts from Pat! As Pat continues to purge, more goodies are sent my way. Cigar boxes - fabulous! When she gave me the individual cigar tubes I wondered what I would do with them. I briefly looked through the new Somerset Life earlier in the week and see one of the articles shows test tubes as storage for buttons - guess I know where to find some buttons!!! The fabric will come in handy for ATC's.
Some more experimenting in the studio today.


Textile Tuesday

I mentioned last week that I am taking an online workshop entitled Encrusted Crazy Quilting with Sharon Boggon. Sharon has an excellent web/blog so check it out. Lesson 1 is to make a square. I played yesterday and ended up making three. The first photo includes commercial and screen printed fabrics. The second are all my hand painted/dyed fabrics and the third is a more traditional square with silks, satins and cottons. I think I'll end up working on all three but if not, I'll use some for backgrounds in my ATC's. Will see what the next lesson brings!
I've mentioned before that I am in the process of taking a Photo Editing course with Sande Krieger at Two Peas. Sande is an excellent instructor and the course is well worth it for those of you that may be interested. Sande has a background in photography and is a designer for Basic Grey.
After watching a couple of the videos, I realize I also need a basics course for Photoshop Elements. I am a newbie with PE having used Paint Shop Pro for some time. So, I signed up for Renee Pearson's Just the Basics Ma'am yesterday. I had the pleasure of taking a course with her several years ago when I attended Memory Trends and was very impressed. Renee's videos are wonderful - clear and concise instructions! The first lesson includes 8 videos! Wow, this should keep me busy!
So am off to play on the computer today. Also have several projects on the go in the studio including a Christmas one - it's never too early!


I had a productive weekend! I have various binders in the studio to store info. The top photo is a binder cover I made with some of my batik fabric. I'll be making more of these - much better than a plain old binder.
I have also been experimenting with molding paste on fabric. The next two photos show two samples using a base of muslin followed by an application of molding paste followed by acrylic paints - texture! The last photo shows batting sandwiched between layers of muslin. The layers were then stitched in a grid pattern and a layer of gesso was applied followed by acrylic paints. I would like it a bit more glossy so will need to pick up some polymer medium. All of these techniques can be found in this book. These samples will make good backgrounds for future work, possibly some ATC's and who knows what else.
I also managed to put together some slideshows online that I'll share in future posts.
Looks as if our late summer is ending as we are now waking to crisp mornings. Will be cleaning up the garden this week in preparation for the winter.
Enjoy your day!


Two Can Play

Another ATC to share.
I recently purchased a new book outlining various techniques using both gesso and molding paste on fabric. Spent the day experimenting yesterday and have various samples drying so will be playing some more today. Both authors are very talented textile artists. You may like to check out their blog where they also offer a follow-up online workshop to this book. Their individual blogs are also posted - lots of eye candy!
Did some digital shopping and couldn't resist this kit - lots to play with here!
Am coming up to my 100th post - what would you like to see as a giveaway? Please don't hesitate to leave your comments.
Am off to experiment. Enjoy your weekend!



I couldn't resist this bag of stamps. Following sorting, most are either from Canada or Denmark with the odd one from England. I think they will be used in future collage work, perhaps even a "stamp" background. Anyone want some??
I just couldn't resist those little shoes. Both are ceramic and one was an ashtray. Interestingly, these were only two of a collection that was in a box of about 30 in varying sizes. Obviously someone's shoe collection. I really like the colour of the bowl. Have no idea what I'll do with them YET!
Am off to practice Encrusted Crazy Quilting today. Did some blog hopping yesterday and will likely continue today - am getting caught up on what everyone is doing this fall. Flooding is very bad in Georgia with the rain - hope all of my southern friends are well. Chat tomorrow.


Last garden photo of the season! I took this a number of weeks ago. Have been gardening off and on over the last week, removing some of the annuals and cleaning out the pots. The weather continues so more fabric painting while it lasts. Success at the thrift store yesterday so will share this tomorrow. Enjoy your day.


Textile Tuesday

Have decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather we've been having so have been painting fabric outside. The stack above is only about half of what I've completed with more on the way. Lots of juicy colours! I spent most of yesterday outside and experimented with some doilies which I'll be sharing later. They turned out beautiful - vibrant colours....
I WON! I can't quite believe it as I rarely win anything. BUT, I won one of Marsha's blogversary giveaways. It's a package of ephemera and I can hardly wait to see what it looks like "up close". I ordered a couple of Marsha's pieces so will look forward to sharing these when they arrive also.
Am off to the thrift store this am to see what treasures await. Plan to watch my photo editing course and likely some more fabric painting as the weather permits. Have also signed up for another online course - Encrusted Crazy Quilting! I need to use some of those buttons!
Oh where oh where has my follower's list gone.......


This is what I did on Friday! I sorted and cleaned buttons! My very talented art quilter friend Pat has collected these for over thirty years. She has been re-organizing her studio and purging madly. These became part of the purge. I couldn't believe how many there were - can you? The top photo shows all the buttons cleaned. Second photo are all the buttons she had on cards and the third photo are the buttons I kept. You will see the bowl has grown. Some lovely vintage ones which will look wonderful on textile collages or!? Most surprising of all, it hardly looks as if I made a dent in them as there are almost two full containers for another lucky friend to sort through.... Thank you Pat! I'll have more goodies from the purge to share later...
I have two more followers - welcome! Don't forget, I always like to hear from any of you who wish to leave a comment. You'll hear back....
Weather this weekend was gorgeous so I spent a good portion of it outside. Unseasonably warm for this time of year. I actually went for a swim yesterday which I can't ever remember doing mid September. Lovely!
I see I am nearing my 100th post. Will have to start thinking of a giveaway to celebrate.... hmmm?
Am off to the studio to see what trouble I can get into today. Chat tomorrow...



Some of you are likely aware that I have an interest in digital collage. I have several pieces I am working on currently, all in varying stages. I completed this a number of weeks ago. "Time Flies" was created in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) and measures 4x6". The image and wings are from my personal collection. The clock and clock parts are from Jenu-Designs. The hanging frame is from Christina Renee Designs and the remaining background and elements are from Katie Pertiet. I'm in the early stages of learning Photoshop Elements (PE) with progress being slow - lots to learn....
I'll have photos Monday of what I did yesterday! I have to keep you in suspense....... Enjoy your weekend.



Some of my latest treasures! I purchased the clock for the parts and thought after the "frame" could be used in some sort of assemblage. The teapot will likely become a body part and the chair is perfect for some creature to sit in! The thrift store has been a treasure trove of late so lots more to share in coming weeks.
Gail has written the most wonderful post on her blog about my soldering class "Just Charming" offered through Creative Workshops. The class is open for ongoing registration. The charms make wonderful Christmas gifts and ornaments for the tree. Why not learn how to make them yourself..... You can see the promotional video here. Thank you Gail! I wish I could write as eloquently as you do!!!
Busy day on the computer yesterday. Am learning how to use Photoshop Elements - lots of practice required. Also made a quick visit to see Pat's progress on her studio re-organization which is going well. She gave me the most wonderful treasures which I'll share in a future post. Chat tomorrow...... Go on over and check out Gail's blog.


I thought I would share a couple of garden photos today. These were taken this summer but regretfully with the cooler temperatures, they are pretty much gone now. Oh well, there is always next year!
Several days ago I posted I had scanned images into the computer to create a book of all my decorating clippings. When I attempted to upload them yesterday, the image clarity was quite poor so ended up making a movie using Movie Maker. I tried a slide show but this didn't work well at all. I must have one heck of a lot of images because the movie is over eight minutes!
I ended up doing some more sun painting as the weather was so beautiful yesterday.
Am off to the thrift store today and starting some new projects in the studio. Enjoy your day...



Several weeks ago I mentioned I had been working on various backgrounds and experimenting with products. The first photo is a muslin back with household aluminum foil glued to it. This was then coated with various layers of acrylic paint applied with a brush and sprayed via a mini mister.
The second photo starts with a muslin back layered with an old lace drapery randomly sewed to it. I then applied a layer of puff paint using an old credit card. This was left to dry overnight then a heat gun was used. When heat is applied to the paint it "puffs" creating a raised surface. Lastly acrylic paints were sprayed on in both black and copper. Puff paint can be purchased at various fabric stores or online.
Both backgrounds remind me of the fall. Not sure what I'll do with them yet but they are there for when I need them.
Spent the day shopping online yesterday and researching various art products so not much in the way of art. Off to the studio today......


The weather was so incredibly warm this weekend that I ended up outside for the majority of it. Only played in the studio a bit. Ruth Rae had written an article in one of the Somerset magazines some time ago on organza flowers. The above are made with scraps of organza burned, layered and a bead added for the centre. I think they will come in quite handy for future textile projects. Also finished the backs for another twelve ATC's.
Since I seem to be in an organizational mood have decided I need to do something with all the decorator magazines and clips I have in drawers - they are now overflowing the drawer space. So, my project over the last week has been to review and scan the images I want to keep into the computer. Last year I created a photo book through Blurb which turned out well so am pondering combining all these photos into one book - certainly would save space. Will check pricing etc today.
Managed a bit of online digital shopping yesterday and will continue a bit more shopping today. Not sure what I'll get up to....... Thank you all for your comments about my new studio sideboard.



For the last eight months or so I've been looking at the thrift store for a dresser of some kind to make into a sideboard/storage unit in my studio. Well I finally caved and bought the above at Liquidation World. What sold me on this piece is the marble top and it is only about 14" wide which works for my space - quite narrow. The first photo shows the dresser prepped for painting in my garage hence the green painter's tape. Yes, that is carpet in the garage! It is a berber carpet that used to be in a room in our house. When we did some renovations the carpet came out and since it was in very good shape I decided to put it in the garage! I not only park my car in here, I also use it as an "outdoor" studio to dye fabric and paint various projects. Amazingly it has held up well and absorbs additional paint, dye whatever. Works great! Believe it or not, it has been down there for over ten years!!!
So, back to the dresser! As they say, I felt the piece had "good bones". Photo 2 shows the finished results. How did I get there? I removed the bottom four drawers and my husband cut two pieces of wood to create a bottom shelf. The entire piece has several coats of a cream shade of paint. Finally, last week I found these great door knobs - CLOCK faces - are they not awesome! The final photo shows a close up of the door knob. The boxes (Ikea) are spray painted and covered with various scrapbook papers. The metal labels on the front (Lee Valley)
indicate what is in the small drawers and many are divided inside which maximizes storage.
What happened to the other drawers? Well, I painted them also and put shepherd casters on the bottom. Two sit under my work table and store a lot of my linens. I can wheel them out as required. They would also work well as scrap bins so as time progresses this could change. The other two drawers are in my shed since I'm not convinced that I may not use them in the future!
I'm delighted with how this project turned out but mostly, I am really happy with how it functions - lots of storage and a great display surface. I'll be sharing more in the future.......
Hope you all have a great weekend and chat again Monday!



Can you believe the size of that pot! I had been looking for a large pot for about the last year. There were three of these at the thrift store several weeks ago and I picked one up. I use it for tea/coffee staining fabric and for removing wax from my batik fabrics - works great although I must admit it is perhaps a bit bigger than required. I stumbled across this bag of buckles and since I couldn't make up my mind at the time which ones to buy, I bought them ALL! I envision them in my textile collages and also some fabric books in the future. Played with a digital ATC background on the computer yesterday. Am working on a project with a thrift store find that I had hoped to be completed and post this am but I decided to change/add a few things (know what I mean!!!). Am hoping to have this completed for next week - my best scoop yet! Enjoy your day....scoop yet!



I got mail! I recently participated in a swap with Marion - look what I received! The ATC's are just wonderful. What a surprise to see a package of stamps - these will most definitely be used in future ATC's - thanks Marion. The top two photos show the ATC's I made for her - they are on their way to Germany. The third one is the adventure ATC which I posted previously.
For those of you who do ATC's, how do you finish your backs? Am looking for some ideas.
Plan to do some digital today and experimenting in the studio. Am in the process of dyeing some crocheted bits - it is pretty green around here currently! Have fun whatever you choose to do today. Rain here - a great art day!


Textile Tuesday

What do you do with all your little threads, scraps etc at the end of a project? Generally when I am working on ATC's I have a variety of little bits of fabric scraps and threads left over. Instead of throwing them out, I lay down a piece of water soluble stabilizer, spread the bits over this and cover with a piece of fine netting. I free motion stitch over the top and once complete soak the piece in a pan of water to remove the stabilizer. What is left is a piece of "fabric" that I use in future projects.
Since today is the first day of school in many areas, I completed a card entitled School Days recently. The printed sheet behind the children is a coffee stained copy of a geneology sheet from the late 1800's. For those of you with children heading back to school, enjoy!
I see I've picked up a few more followers - thank you and I hope you enjoy what you see here. Am off - chat tomorrow!

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