Another collage to share today! The embellishments on the left are bottlecaps with egg images inside. The eggs are dimensional - speckled plastic. The mesh is the mesh used in rug hooking and rusted. I've had those white wings for ages and couldn't decide what to do with them! The background fabric on the left is stamped. I seem to be on a bird theme of late.....
I will be on vacation now for three weeks and will not be updating my blog during this time. I will respond to any comments left. I plan to spend time in the sun, lounge by the pool, drink margaritas and peach daiquiris and hope to scavenge some thrift stores and flea markets locally - not too shabby...... Naturally, I'll be spending time in the studio.
Until then, enjoy the weather and look forward to more creations when I'm back to chat on August 24th!


Thrifty Thursdays

I make a visit to the thrift store at least once a week to see what goodies come in. Have decided to entitle Thursdays "Thrifty Thursdays" and will share some of my thrift store finds weekly. I know you will wonder what I am going to do with them!?. I think they will become a part of an assemblage down the road, some ideas floating around but nothing concrete.
We broke records yesterday for heat - 33 here (91F). I don't remember a time it has been so hot around here. I know all my southern friends will be laughing about now - this is most likely the norm for you.
Am re-organizing my studio today as the floor went in yesterday and the walls are now off white. Love the new floor - linoleum that looks like cork.
No sunset photo last evening. I will get one eventually.....
Stay cool.......


I thought I would share one of the charms I completed for my online soldering workshop offered at Creative Workshops. This is an ongoing workshop so you can sign up at any time.
My studio is a construction zone at present so no art. The new floor goes in today and I started painting the walls yesterday an off white colour from a tan colour - what a difference with the light reflection!
We had the most incredible sunset last evening. The sky was a bright red and pink. Regretfully, I never seem to have much success with photos of sunsets but will give it a try tonight to see if I can capture the beauty.
Stay cool today.....


In the past I've always wondered what to do with all those photos one takes on vacations. I wanted to have a visual reference versus photos on a CD so decided to do an album. This is a flip album (the pages flip out) constructed with heavy weight chipboard and cardstock. The resin bubble on the cover is a small map of Australia I picked up in a scrapbook store at some point.
Are any of you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans? We just happened to be channel surfing several years ago and ended up watching the show, not something we would have normally chosen. Go figure, several seasons later we are hooked. Amazing to see what people will do in front of a camera. This year the bachelorette, Jillian, is from Vancouver. Grand finale last evening - am so happy she chose Ed!
Another hot one today so am up early to water and get my chores done prior to the heat of the day! Enjoy your day......


I picked up some rovings from a weaving studio not far from my home a few weeks ago. I plan to work some into various projects on the go. Quiet weekend - watched Gran Torin0 with Clint Eastwood, gardened and swam.
Temperatures are expected between 30-34 this week (86F+) which is high for us so imagine I won't be doing much in the afternoons. There isn't much of a breeze this am.
My studio will be a construction zone later this week as my new flooring goes in and I will be re-painting the walls a lighter colour. Last Friday was "Where Bloggers Create" - wonderful to see where many of you create. I still haven't made it through the list of participants so plan to do so today. Enjoy your day.......


I was gardening earlier in the week and thought I'd take some garden photos. Was lucky enough to catch this butterfly on one of my daisies - timing was perfect! Have a variety of projects in various stages so will share more next week. Enjoy your weekend!


A new card to share today. I used a Tim Holtz mask for the crown, various papers and the image is from Enchanted Mercantile which I believe is closed.
Mixed bag yesterday. Worked in the studio a bit, managed a thrift store visit and uploaded my Soldering 101 - Just Charming introduction to Kewego.
Watched So You Think You Can Dance last night which is one of our favourite shows. Amazing talent from some young and gifted dancers. Last night was a particularly moving performance by Ade and Melissa to a dance choreographed by Tyce Diorio. A stunning performance about a woman and her partner facing breast cancer.
More to come tomorrow....... Have fun creating today.



My moo cards arrived yesterday! Thank you Trudi. I really like being able to have several different designs and they are printed on heavier cardstock too. Attended a lovely 21st anniversary dinner with friends last evening - so fun. One of the guys there was a ventriloquist who kept us in stitches all night - my cheeks hurt today!
Spent some time on the computer yesterday practicing some digital art and a little time in the studio as well. More tomorrow........... Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Do you have a jar of buttons? I came across this idea "button bouquets" on the button floozies site. The site is geared to button collectors and gives a variety of project ideas as well as sites that sell various buttons. I do not have a very large collection of vintage buttons but do have some newer ones which I used for these "flowers". The wire stems are wrapped with torn fabric or crocheted bits. Kind of a fun idea!
Spent most of yesterday in the studio working on some different card designs. Am experimenting with zetti as well as some more vintage ones. Will share these later in the week. Have fun today!


I hope everyone had a nice weekend! The weather here was beautiful. I recently re-worked this bulletin board I picked up at Liquidation World. It was black to start with but had photos in the top section and a magnetic board in the bottom. I removed the glass from the top and added adhesive backed cork covered with scrapbook paper then glued on the antiqued coat hooks I picked up at a home decor store. Scrapbook paper was applied to the magnetic board below. It hangs in my studio. The papers were from one of my favourite companies - Graphic 45.
I played around with some digital this weekend. Added a photo to my bio page at Creative Workshops. Also uploaded my Soldering introduction video to Vimeo. All in all, a productive weekend! Will share more tomorrow....


Time to Create

Another collage style card. This is a great style to use a variety of stamps, some I hadn't used before. I picked up the new Somerset Life yesterday - as usual, the images are beautiful with many great ideas. I always find it inspirational to see the various packaging ideas - so much creativity. Hot day yesterday and expected again today. Enjoy your weekend!
I have also added Lisa Cook to my inspiration list - Lisa does a variety of altered art including soldering.


You've got mail!

Look what I received from Trudi yesterday! Wow, do you know me or what..... I love it! Trudi thought of everything. The colours are similar to the ones used when she designed my blog! It is addressed to Ms. Creative Doily - I gave her the thrift store doily bug tehehe..... Look at that wonderful ATC muslin envelope she created. The flower lifts up on the right side to reveal the word "all" so it says Cherish all..... It even has fragrance - wish you could all smell it....
I love getting mail, especially surprises!!!! Thank you Trudi, so thoughtful.



Last year I purchased Dawn's garden fairy tutorial. After completing it I started thinking about other options for containers. The salt shaker is another thrift find and the little boy is reading a paper - cute! "Bookworm" I uploaded my soldering class video intro and fabric bead tutorial on YouTube yesterday which took some time both for conversion to mpeg format and uploading. All this ended up taking away studio time but I'm up for it today! Chat tomorrow.....


Time Flies

Another collage style card to share today - Time Flies! Thank you all for your kind comments about my teacup pincushion yesterday.
I joined a fiber art/mixed media group yesterday which may be of interest to some of you. It is a networking site to post artwork and share news. The gallery is amazing so I spent some time just browsing what participants are creating. Am off to the studio. Time flies when you are having fun!


Teacup pin cushion

My thrift store visits have been very successful of late which is not always the case. I thought this teacup was lovely so picked it up. When I got home I saw the bottom was marked with a name and the year 1954. It has a very small chip on the saucer but otherwise it is in very good condition. So, I glued the cup to the saucer, stuffed it with fiberfill, covered it with a piece of the chenille bedspread which I hand dyed from last week, added the flower I didn't know what to do with from last week's photo, crocheted a chain from some cotton yarn and added some buttons! Voila - my cupcake/teacup pincushion!
Everything in the photo is from the thrift store including the crocheted tablecloth in the background with the exclusion of the buttons! I love it when a plan comes together.....
More tomorrow....


Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome some new followers to the blog - I'm so excited to have "followers"! Thank you for joining me in my creative ventures. Also, thank you all for your comments - I love getting comments and ALWAYS read them!
This is my version of a flower tutorial on Lisa Pace's website under tutorials. Mine are made with an old damask table napkin cut with my rotary cutter (curled blade) into strips. Flowers were then misted with glimmer mist and sewn together with buttons attached. I think they could look great with beads attached also. Not sure what they will adorn down the road.......
Have a nice weekend!


I have several upcoming birthdays within the next month or so. Something simple!
Not a particularly artistic day yesterday. Stopped into the thrift store and scooped another crocheted tablecloth. Of late there seem to be quite a few coming in. I am working on some project ideas for Christmas classes. Yes, I did say Christmas but am finding this somewhat challenging when the weather is so nice. Having said this, I'll prepare you now that I am a big Christmas fan so lots of projects coming up......
Enjoy your Thursday!


Above is my entry for the Mind Wide Open challenge this month. The central image is provided by Gail with the word "Contentment" which may/may not be included. All the fabrics in the piece are hand dyed from my bits and pieces in previous posts. Please visit the Mind Wide Open blog and vote for your favourite - I'm sure there will be many that are lovely.
I spent a good portion of yesterday in front of my computer. I scanned a collaged card image I had been working on and decided to play around with it digitally - a work in progress. Always a challenge as I continue to learn my program! Another rainy day here so good for art. Have fun whatever you do today!


Today is an overcast day with a forecast of showers which will be good for the gardens. Am off to my local scrapbook store as Tombow markers are on sale so want to pick some up. I spent some time yesterday researching digital art and came across Maggie Taylor . She does incredible digital art using found objects and many vintage images - truly stunning! I sent off my entry to the Mind Wide Open challenge which is the first challenge I have entered, am looking forward to many more. Have been working on some collage cards so will finish these up today. Enjoy your Tuesday.....


I hope my American friends enjoyed your July 4th weekend! I thought I would share a dyeing tip with you today. I always keep a rag of cheesecloth on my dye table when I'm dyeing fabric which picks up any of the excess dye. I never really know how they are going to turn out but they make wonderful additions to various fabric projects.

The second image is a vintage birthday. This is for one of my neighbours who turned 85 last week. Busy weekend in the studio completing various projects. Entered my first challenge which I'll share with you later in the week. Yes, another fabric collage!

I have a new biography page on the site thanks to Trudi!


Somethin's Fishy

Another fabric collage finished entitled "Somthin's Fishy". I couldn't resist using my fish brads - wasn't sure what I was going to do with these when I picked them up. Various laces, muslin, paper, ribbons, trims, flowers were included. I hope to get in some creative time this weekend but the weather sure is beautiful currently so this is drawing me outside. Enjoy the July 4th weekend to my American friends!


Remember the green crocheted flowers last week - well they made it in the dye pot. I like them much better now. Dyed cotton yarn, bits of crocheted doilies
Lace placemats - the one in the back is in the original state prior to dyeing.
I have been dyeing and painting in a blue/green colour palette with an upcoming project in mind. Included is a range of fabrics and bits including muslin, laces. chenille, trims, a damask napkin and drapery nylon. A project to share tomorrow!

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